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Press Release - Caneco 2024

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Caneco 2024 Now Available

Caneco 2024

IRVINE, California – June 27, 2024ETAP®, a global leader in software solutions for electrical systems, announces the release of Caneco 2024.

Caneco 2024 is the latest version of Caneco, a suite of electrical design software from ETAP, providing innovative solutions for installers, specifiers, project owners, and inspection offices to efficiently design and perform calculations according to current regulatory frameworks.

Introducing key features and improvements related to compatibility, interoperability, performance, sustainability, and the user experience, this new version meets the latest requirements and needs of our customers.

Users of Caneco 2024 within French electrical system design markets will benefit from the latest developments of ‘Caneco Electrical Module PV’ (formerly ‘PV Integration Module’), with the addition of features dedicated to the automated design of low-voltage photovoltaic farm installations. These new features include drawing modules for Enedis connection diagrams and management of Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) terminals and are provided to satisfy a much-requested enhancement to Caneco.

The main features and capabilities of Caneco 2024 are listed below:


  • Improved compatibility:
    • Compatibility with versions 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 of Revit®
    • Compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD® 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 graphic platforms (64-bit only), AutoCAD® MEP 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 (64-bit only), and the 2024 version of AutoCAD® OEM (64-bit only).

  • Increased interoperability:
    Enhanced interface with SEE Electrical, an electrical engineering software used to create electrical diagrams and panel layouts, from ETAP.

  • Maximized performance:
    • Faster processing time for automatic cable routing in the BIM digital twin
    • Improvements in the BIM Cloud environment
    • 50% reduction in loading time when switching between manufacturer catalogs

  • Advanced features:
    • Advanced routing and wiring functions
    • For the German market, a new circuit style in Caneco BT for changing from TN to TT without a transformer
    • Improvements to the Caneco Family library manager.

  • Optimized user experience:
    • Redesigned application launcher
    • General software layout and workflow improvements
    • Graphic optimization of the overall single-line diagram and prints (Caneco BT)
    • Support for Polish language print output

Durability icon SUSTAINABILITY

  • Accelerated energy transition:
    • Improved calculation in Caneco BT of power loss taking into account Joule effects
    • For French and French-speaking African markets:
      – Addition of EVSE terminals to the PV module of Caneco Electrical
      – Drawing module for Enedis connection diagrams added to the PV module of Caneco Electrical
      – Support for PV shading installations with EVSE
      – Enhanced EVSE support in Caneco BT, including custom catalogs.

Download Caneco 2024

Caneco 2024 is available now, and existing customers can downloaded this new release from the ‘Downloads’ section of the ETAP website. Caneco 2024 is made available as a term-based subscriptions purchased through ETAP.

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