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All the power of Electrical CAD dedicated to industrial automation and electrical harnesses.

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Thanks to IGE+XAO’s 30 years of experience, SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT is now the reference in the world of electrical design software. This package was created to help in efficiently meeting new challenges related to eletrical project structure requiring file sharing, multi-user functions, database management and personalized programming. Equipped with all the standard functions of an electrical CAD software AD software package, SEE ELECTRICAL EXPERT offers the unique advantage of simplifying the management of complex projects while allowing interaction with other programs. Professionals are using our programs more and more.

Innovation : An opening to innovation with the modules:

  • Concurrent Engineering :  All the power of collaborative work in one single module.
    3D Panel+  : 3D electrical panel design.
    Harness Documentation For designing 2D harnesses and automatic routing the wires and cables in accordance with the schematics with maximum reliability.
  • Open Data : Rapid modification of project data.
  • Options & Variants Electrical project numbering as well as change time reduction.
  • Automatic Diagram Generation, SEE Generative View,SEE Compodata : Innovative solutions for automatic generation of electrical projects


Interfaces with other key software packages :

  • Mechanical CAD (Catia, SolidWorks, Creo, NX, Inventor AutoCAD, etc.)
  • PDM (SmarTeam, Windchill, TeamCenter, Solidworks PDM, etc.)
  • ERP (SAP, etc.)
  • Automation and manufacturing software (PLC programming, labelling, panel manufacturing, cable manufacturing, documentation, archiving, cost calculation, etc.)
  • 100% unicode environment.

Efficiency :  A complete environment for an immediately operational business package:

  • More than 1,000 electrical standardized symbols (IEC, IEEE, etc.)
  • Online electrical equipment catalogue (SEE Web Catalogue) with over 700,000 (and growing) parts from over 900 manufacturers including ABB, Legrand, Eaton, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell Automation – Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Socomec, Wago and Weidmüller, etc.)
  • Many built in design templates (motor starters with corresponding controls, drives, PLC cards, etc..
  • Hundreds of working methods provided for symbol tagging, wire numbering formats, terminal strip layouts, connectors, cables management of interconnections, part list templates, terminal and cable lists, XLS and XML export formats.

Screenshot of SEE Electrical Expert v4r3 an electrical design software

SEE Electrical Expert Packages

  • Essential

Single and multi‑line schematics creations and modifications

Automatic wire numbering Real‑time cross‑referencing

Automatic bill of materials generation

Revision management Error checking

  • Premium (include Essential)

Connector and terminal editor

Automatic generation of connectors and terminal drawings

  • Enterprise (include Premium)

Synoptic cabling editor

Automatic cabling between terminals defined in the synoptic

Advanced cabling management



Integration of additional modules

Concurrent Engineering : use multi-user functionality to create large electrical projects by working collectively.
3D Panel+ : design your switchboards in 3D.
Harness Documentation : for the design of 2D wiring and laying of wires and cables in accordance with the diagram and with maximum reliability.
Open Data: quickly edit your electrical design data and create diagrams from spreadsheets.
Options & Variants: standardization of the design, reduction of the number of designs and the time needed for modification.
Automatic Diagram Generation, SEE Generative View, SEE Compodata : innovative solutions for the automatic generation of electrical designs.


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EFFICIENCY: a complete environment for an immediately operational business package

  • More than 1,000 standardized electrical symbols (IEC, IEEE, etc.).
  • Ever-growing online electrical equipment catalogue (SEE Web Catalogue) with more than 700,000 part numbers from over 900 manufacturers, including ABB, Legrand, Eaton, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Socomec, Wago and Weidmüller, etc.).
  • Many models for design (motor starters with corresponding controls, drives, PLC cards, etc.).
  • Hundreds of working methods provided for symbol marking, wire numbering formats, terminal board layouts, connectors, cables, interconnection management, material list templates, terminal and cable lists, XLS and XML export formats, etc..

Design and electrical documentation of industrial equipment and production machines

  •  dedicated, high-performance schematic editor,
  • automation of drawing and design functions,
  • management of terminal blocks and connectors,
  • PLC input/output management,
  • generation of material lists, BOMs and cable lists,
  • installation of equipment in 2D and 3D electrical panels.

PRODUCTIVITY: speeds up the design process

  • automatic wiring of connections,
  • supporting wiring of electrical panels,
  • design of electrical wiring harnesses,
  • management of options and variants of schematics
  • automatic generation of diagrams,
  • group work mode in a project.

100% Unicode

SEE Electrical Expert can translate the texts contained in electrical diagrams into any language. In addition to the international IEC standard, it also supports the IEEE standard used in North America, as well as the GOST standard for Russia and the GB standard for China.

SEE Web Catalogue

The purchase of a subscription for access to the SEE Web Catalogue, will perfectly complement the possibilities, freeing the designer from the need to create new catalogue codes and symbols. In this case, it is necessary to cover the software with maintenance.

System requirements for the operation of SEE Electrical Expert

  • Intel® Core™i5-2400 processor (6MB Cache, 3.10GHz)
  • Operating memory min. RAM 4GB for x64 bit OS
  • typical graphics card (e.g. with min. 1GB of onboard memory)
  • good monitor 19″ or larger (recommended resolution 1280×1024)
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10.


If you have any questions, please contact us:

  • USA : (972) 410-3610 / Canada: (514) 353-3445
  • UK : (0)1455 817 455
  • Other countries : 0033 1 55 48 17 90

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ROTOBEC designs, manufactures and markets material handling equipment, using hydraulic rotation system technology, which enables users to optimize their operations. Rotobec challenges were to integrate Electrical and Hydraulic schematic, accelerate drastically product development, avoid design mistakes, manage modifications and reduce risk of errors, simplify reusability, improve product quality and improve product documentation for easier maintenance The solution was SEE Electrical Expert (electrical and hydraulic schematics, electrical and hydraulic harness design, electrical harness manufacturing) Thanks to SEE Electrical Expert, Rotobec unified electrical and hydraulic schematic system cuts design cycle by three. Also, integration between design and manufacturing reduces drastically the risk of errors and globally improves product quality

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