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ARC A Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a company working in the field of Electrical design engineering (installation, programming, safety systems integration …) which operates in the UK and the rest of Europe.

The company chose SEE Electrical for its ease of use, the wide range of functionalities offered and the ability to expand functions. Moreover, the technical support and ease of access to that support was a key point for Arc A Engineering Solutions.

IGE+XAO’s Electrical CAD software is used for the production of new electrical designs, and to upgrade the existing drawings in PDF, DWG/DXF and paper formats.

According to Richard Kear, Director of Arc A Engineering Solutions, SEE Electrical is both powerful and easy to use. It can be used as a basic package to make minor modifications to existing drawings by personal maintenance, even if produced with another package, but also as a full blown package to produce a full set of comprehensive drawings for a panel builder to produce to.

“Putting the quality of the product to one side, the level of support provided by the UK is outstanding. Being a contractor, I have tight deadlines and work some unusual hours, nevertheless, the UK office has never failed to support me when I have needed assistance. IGE+XAO Ltd’s manager has depth knowledge of the product and provides us excellent service.
In times when he struggled, he arranged a call from the service centre in France who is also excellent (top level of technical support on this product…second to none).
The product needs no selling, just download the demo and ask M. Avezard for a couple of videos showing you some features and you’ll be sold.
From a price point, it is cheaper than some of its German competitors but loses none of its functionalities. Great product!”

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[accordion_item title=’Chemring Countermeasures: Having a clear and concise set of drawings and layout plans ensures that we can produce what is required with accuracy and repeatability.’]

Photo of Chemring Countermeasures

Chemring Countermeasures, based at the High Post Site near Salisbury, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of a comprehensive range of RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infra Red) decoy countermeasures for air & naval applications across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

“We design and manufacture our own bespoke control cabinets for internal use, and this would be an exceedingly long-winded process if it had to be done by hand”. For George Williams, Senior Electrical Engineer at Chemring Countermeasures, “having a clear and concise set of drawings and layout plans ensures that we can produce what is required with accuracy and repeatability, and maintenance tasks become less onerous”.

Chemring Countermeasures needed an Electrical CAD Software package that delivered quality results, was intuitive to use, and was competitively priced, for these reasons they selected SEE Electrical.

For George Williams, the main benefit of SEE Electrical is that “it is a very user friendly program. The core program can be added to the purchase of optional adds-on packs and is available in different levels. This gives the flexibility to purchase what is required for the task without having to buy a high end program that contains functions that you do not need but you nevertheless have to pay for. The program’s manual is comprehensive and support is available from the manufacturer that is prompt and responsive.”

“I would thoroughly recommend this program to anyone looking for an Electrical CAD package whether they are an experienced user or an absolute beginner. It is easy to use yet powerful, and creates accurate well laid out drawings with a minimum of fuss”, said Mr. Williams.

Illustration of SEE electrical

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[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Nobbs & Jones a leading UK Building Managements Systems manufacturer chooses SEE Electrical of IGE+XAO Group .’]

Photo of Nobbs & Jones

Sheffield, June 19th, 2008 – The complexity of today’s internal building environments demands that the Building Management Systems (BMS) satisfy rigorous criteria, both in terms of performance & reliability. Nobbs & Jones’ expertise within controls for heating, ventilation & air-conditioning is second to none in the industry and is trusted by some of the country’s leading architects and specifiers, as well as by many market leading corporate clients.

Located in the Preston area, Nobbs & Jones’ experience in BEMS spans over thirty five years. In that time, Nobbs & Jones have dealt with thousands of contracts, from small maintenance commissions to much larger installations involving complex integrated control panels over multiple locations.

As a leading independent controls company in the UK, Nobbs & Jones is constantly striving to improve its design process. As a result, Nobbs & Jones has decided to acquire an Electrical CAD (Computer-Aided Design) package and has selected after serious review IGE+XAO’s SEE Electrical.

With three levels (Basic, Standard and Advanced) SEE Electrical can adapt from simple to the most complex requirements. At Nobbs & Jones, for example, some offices have been equipped with the Basic version, while other offices requiring higher level functionalities have chosen the Standard and Advanced packages.

“What we really like about SEE Electrical is its functionality and ease-of-use. It is very easy to learn and does not require any training. This was not the case with the other packages we benchmarked SEE Electrical with” declared Jason Ellwood, Applications Manager.

“We are pleased that Nobbs & Jones have selected our solution. This demonstrates the IGE+XAO Group’s capability to deliver an appropriate package to our customers, thanks to our broad range of software. Our range starts with SEE Electrical LT, targeting very small business up to SEE Electrical Expert the Group’s high end package” declared Jean-Marc Avezard, IGE+XAO UK Managing Director”.

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[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’TTP LabTech speeds up electrical design with SEE Electrical of IGE+XAO.’]

Toulouse, 17th October, 2007 – The IGE+XAO Group announces that TTP LabTech has selected IGE+XAO’s SEE Electrical in order to speed up the electrical design process. TTP LabTech, with headquarters in Cambridge (United Kingdom), designs, develops, manufactures and markets novel instrumentation and systems for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Products include sample management, covering screening and liquid handling systems. TTP LabTech is part of the TTP Group one of the world’s most successful technology companies.

Focusing on speeding up the electrical design process, TTP LabTech conducted a thorough survey of CAD software publishers. The requirement was to find a “true” Electrical CAD package which would be cost effective, easy to learn and easy to use. Another key element was to get the assurance of a “good technical support with approachable and friendly people to talk to” says Simon Tullett, Control Engineering Manager at TTP Labtech.

As a result of this comprehensive survey, TTP LabTech selected SEE Electrical, IGE+XAO’s package dedicated to the medium to low range of Electrical CAD software applications. SEE Electrical has become very popular worldwide, due to its three levels (Basic, Standard and Advanced) and its upgradeability, which allows the software to evolve in line with customer requirements. “SEE Electrical was the most cost effective. It met all the functionalities TTP LabTech required and the price was attractive. Since the original purchase, it has been an easy and painless transition to SEE Electrical Advanced which provides a wealth of features” says Simon Tullett.

After extensive usage, TTP LabTech clearly enjoys the benefits brought by IGE+XAO’s software package. “SEE Electrical has allowed us to produce our electrical diagrams much quicker than before. It is a professional electrical design package so modifying and maintaining the drawings has become much easier. The quality of the drawings (combined with the skill of the users) is of the highest level and promotes the professional quality we strive for.”