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Sustainable development

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A voluntary sustainable development approach

Aware of the importance of
– its contribution to sustainable development, including people health and well –being,
– the taking into account of stakeholders expectations (suppliers, customers, shareholders, employees, communities, etc ),
– the compliance with laws while being consistent with international behavior standards
IGE + XAO has launched a proactive approach around Sustainable Development.

A workgroup is in place with the objective to provide and get information from each IGE+XAO subsidiary.

First actions are in place in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

An encouraging initial audit

An initial audit conducted by recognized experts, in accordance with ISO 26 000, has led to a score of 414/1000. This means that the Group already has a sustainable development “behaviour” and that actions have been accomplished (medium size companies that underwent this audit had an average score of 280/1000).

The Midi Pyrenees Chamber of Commerce Sustainable CEOs club

The Group joined a few months ago the Midi Pyrenees Chamber of Commerce Sustainable CEOs club that have been created by the regional Chamber of Commerce and the Aerospace Valley cluster. To start with, only local companies are eligible to join.

The club objective are to:
– gather CEOs who want to push sustainable development;
– provide companies with a Resource and Support center as well as collective coaching;
– encourage companies to get ISO 26 000 accreditation as this standard becomes more and more important, with the standard being published in October 2010, OEM requirements and companies needs for efforts rewards.
– push only added value sustainable development projects while providing companies with measurable methodologies (financial capital and non material assets).


Do not hesitate to contact us by email to get more information about our sustainable development project.

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