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V8R3 SP2

Release notes

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New features

Caneco Connect module


New Caneco Connect module allows to generate multi line diagrams from CanecoBT projects. Caneco BT is a software for automated calculations, sizing, and diagrams of low voltage electrical installations manufactured by ALPI. In order to execute generation process, new command File > Import… > CanecoBT XML File was added to the Ribbon. Additionally, before importing the XML file, Enable Function/Location management option available in Workspace Properties must be selected.

It’s important to note, that the generation process removes all existing Circuit Diagrams drawings before creating new ones according to imported XML file.

Daily project backups


New option Automatically create daily project backups available in General tab of System Settings allows to automatically create copies of projects each time they are being closed. The backup copy is stored in the “<Project Name> – BACKUP files” folder that is created in the same location as original project. Each backup is named with a syntax “<Project Name> – < Date>” which ensures, that changes made day while working on projects are stored and saved.
Functionality cannot be used with Safe Mode.

Possibility to open Types Database from Component Properties in selector/editor mode


It is possible now to open Types Database in selector or editor mode directly from Component Properties dialog by right clicking on Db icon situated on the right side of Type attribute and selecting one of the options available in contextual menu.
Open Database in selector mode command allows to add, change order, and delete types assigned to a given component. This mode is also available by clicking on the Db icon using left mouse key (default mode).

Open Database in editor mode command allows to modify any of the types available in Types Database (the same way as executing Functions > Types > Database command). Additionally, all of types assigned to current component are already displayed in the dialog to speed up editing.

Marking available Signal References


Connectivity of Signal References is being visualised in Function/Location/Product dialog for this type of symbols.

All signal references that are not connected (only one symbol exists) are highlighted in orange. If two of signal references are connected (input and output exists), entry is highlighted in green. In case there are more than two signal references connected, entry is highlighted in red.

Export types used in workspace


New command Export Types Used in Workspace available in Functions menu allows to generate XML file that contains all type information embedded in active workspace (by assigning types to symbols). This XML can be imported into Types Database using Import button without any further modification.

Go To functionality between Building Installation and Distribution Diagrams


It’s possible to use Go To functionality to navigate between Building Installation symbols and generated corresponding Outputs on Distribution Diagrams. Functionality is not available for Panels.

Default settings for Rails and Cable Channels


Default settings of Rails and Cable Channels inserted via commands available in Cabinets > Elements panel can be customized by clicking on arrow located in right bottom corner of the panel. In displayed Default Properties dialog, it is possible to define Component Code and Type for those types of components. It’s important to know that these settings are stored in each workspace and are not applied to user defined symbols.

Insertion points for Cabinets symbols


It is possible now to cycle through possible insertion points of any symbol in Cabinets drawings. In order to do that, symbol must be attached to the cursor and D key must be pressed. Insertion points are defined by vertices and middle points of symbol’s boundary and connections. Insertion point of symbols from Pick List cannot be changed using this shortcut.

Dynamic display of distances for walls, windows, and openings


While inserting new walls, windows and openings in Building Installation module, distances between the object and ends of adjacent walls are automatically displayed. SEE Electrical recognizes different sides of walls (internal and external) according to the position of the cursor.

Cable Tag


New Cable Tag functionality available in Installation menu allows to insert names and types of selected cables as table. After executing the command, Cable Tag dialog is displayed – in this dialog it’s possible to define properties such as syntax used to display individual values, text parameters and graphical properties like line width and so on. After all settings are defined and OK button is pressed, in order to insert a Cable Tag, draw a line that crosses cables – Cable Tag will be displayed on the cursor ready to be positioned on a drawing.

Exclude from RCD protection group


Output Definitions have a new parameter Exclude from RCD protection group. Enabling this parameter causes an output not to connect to RCD symbol defined for any of the previous outputs. Additionally, if the output has the RCD symbol defined, following outputs will not be grouped under this RCD.

It’s also possible to enable/disable this parameter directly from Panel Definition dialog.

New RCD Symbol tab in Distribution Diagrams Properties


Distribution Diagrams Properties dialog has a new RCD Symbol tab that combines all settings and options related to this kind of symbols. Additionally, new features such as Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols and Auto arrange outputs excluded from RCD protection group were added.

Automatic arrangement of circuits


New option Auto arrange outputs excluded from RCD protection group was added to the RCD Symbol tab of Distribution Diagrams Properties. If this option is enabled, outputs are sorted in following order:


  • Panels,
  • Outputs with Exclude from RCD protection group option enabled,
  • Sockets,
  • Lights,
  • Other symbol types.

Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols


Distribution Diagrams Properties have a new option called Insert RCD symbol every N output symbols that allows to automatically insert RCD symbols every given number of outputs. Symbol that is used must be defined in Default RCD symbol for automatic insertion field under RCD Symbols tab. All outputs that use output definition with Exclude from RCD protection group option enabled are ignored when calculating the position of RCD symbols.

3D Views update


New option On save, ask whether to generate the accessible 3D Views available in 3D Panel Properties allows to define if print views defined in 3D Panel must be generated each time 3D drawing is being saved or the system should ask if such operation must be done.


New version of 3D Panel module


3D Panel module compatible with this version of SEE Electrical is V2R2.

Visibility of drawing types in Channel Definition


From now on, it is possible to define Channel Definition for all types of drawings regardless licence’s modules.

Layer for pictures insertion


Pictures inserted using General > Insert > Picture command are placed on active layer now.

Security measures for renumbering of locked signals


If Locked – use with caution option is enabled while numbering signals (while Signal Types mode is enabled), additional prompt will be displayed to protect from accidental renumbering.

Redesigned Installation menu


Installation menu has been redesigned. Functions that allow to insert walls, windows and opening were merged into Other Elements panel. Additionally, Move, Width and Location commands were also merged.

Compression of drawings after translation


After translating a page, a compression process is being executed in order to remove unnecessary data and reduce overall size of the workspace. Process is also executed while all pages are being translated at once using dedicated button in Translation dialog.

Bug fixed

  • Issue where hatching couldn’t be removed after exploding objects was eliminated.
  • Eliminated an issue where Intelligent PDF module could not generate PDF files if project excided certain number of devices.
  • Due to 3rd party software that constantly scans Clipboard, sometimes it was impossible to select a symbol from symbol library or copy already inserted objects. Now, the problem doesn’t exist anymore.
  • It’s no longer possible to create Product aspects while merging signal reference symbols in specific order or while placing components on rails.
  • Height change marker inserted in Building Installation drawings when cable segments have different mounting height is being updated properly while using Cable Rubberband
  • Hyperlinks are no longer removed from pictures while generating PDF file using Intelligent PDF
  • SEE PDF Converter does not display an error while minimizing to tray.
  • Setting for attribute used in SWeC as type is visible in all language versions now.
  • Missing separator between Function/Location and Product for Potentials was added to certain graphical lists and database views.
  • Issue where wires connecting symbols on different pages were numbered incorrectly if Page\Cell\Number method was used was eliminated.
  • Cables are being named properly now if Code/Page/Number numbering method is used.
  • Convert old data tool no longer returns false negatives while converting databases from old versions of SEE Electrical.
  • Text Information (ID 18001) no longer creates entries in Aspect Manager.
  • Problem when removing components from drawings also removed them from Aspect Manager was eliminated.