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Recruitment Career

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Our Assets

The capacity to adapt to new technologies made the company successful and allowed us to always be ahead of our competitors. Our software packages change every day in order to answer the needs of our customers around the world. Such is the company project: to always be a distance ahead.

A multicultural team

Through its offices around the world, the IGE+XAO Group knows how to cultivate a team spirit while respecting the differences of each individual. 
With its branches and subsidiaries in several countries, nationalities are numerous within our Group.
Even if the language barrier is sometimes penalizing, mixings cultures brings tolerance, comprehension and fights against the generally accepted stereotypes. 
The IGE+XAO Group was also built thanks to this.

Our Business

To design, produce, promote, market, train and maintain are the bases of our trade. 
Our products are designed & produced by our engineers, marketed by our teams of salesmen and our trainers ensure the inter- and intra-company training sessions. 
The management of recruitment is done both at the Groups head-office and also at the subsidiary companies and foreign branches.

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