SEE Project Manager

Ein Tool zum Verwalten Ihrer elektrischen Projekte (PDM - Product Data Management).

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SEE Project Manager: a tool for managing your electrical projects (PDM – Product Data Management)

IGE+XAO offers a complete range of PDM packages:

  • SEE Project Manager
  • SEE Project Manager LT
  • SEE Project Manager PLM

SEE Project Manager LT and SEE Project Manager can be mixed on the same network since data is completely compatible. Companies can start with SEE Project Manager LT and upgrade to SEE Project Manager when required.

SEE Project Manager

The intermediate PDM package with features such as full customization, handling of large organizations and complex lifecycles, BOM management, ERP integration, etc.

It is suited for small workgroups or large enterprise looking for a customized and scalable solution matching precise needs.

Share your electrical data in a collaborative mode!
Manage the life cycle of your electrical projects!
Track tasks!
Automate your electrical design process!

Do you have several licences of SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical expert, or are you subcontracting your electrical diagrams?

SEE Project Manager was developed for your needs:

Vault your documents on one server and use check-in / check-out processes to work faster in a collaborative mode.
Manage the life cycle and the history of your electrical projects (in work, released, sub-contracted, etc.).
Secure the access to your data with specific user right’s management.

SEE Project Manager is dedicated to the management of electrical projects created with SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert.

SEE Project Manager is a collaborative tool which allows design teams to work together on an entire range of documents relating to an electrical project.

SEE Project Manager is perfectly suited for small, medium and large businesses. It centralises and secures all electrical data. It integrates, in a native way, a « vault » management. It also allows the searching, referencing and re-using of projects as well as the follow up of the tasks done on the files.

SEE Project Manager organizes the information flow, allowing both a better communication and coordination (between different company departments or work teams) for the entire electrical process (drawing office, maintenance department, purchasing department …). This package enables time savings and lead time reduction for your electrical design.

SEE Project Manager is delivered with a standard database so that you are immediately operational. This database will also be easily adapted according to your evolution requirements.

Depending on your company’s organisation, you will be able to manage one or several databases containing your electrical projects. The supported format for these databases is Microsoft SQL Server.

Project management – Centralised and secured electrical data

A user friendly interface allows you to quickly read all project information such as project attributes, statuses, attached files, tasks history etc. The project organisation can be made according to different criteria, easily defined according to company’s organisation.

Displayed as a tree structure, projects can be sorted on user defined criteria (for example by customer, by creation date, by project number, etc.) A specific Explorer allows project management and manipulation according to the index and pre-defined views (adaptable to your working methods).



SEE Project Manager integrates Word, Excel and other document into your projects. It is also possible to add general comments, notes relating to tasks realized on a project or any kind of documentation (technical specification, client contract, commercial offer, etc.)



Life Cycle Management

SEE Project Manager offers basic PLM functions allowing, the life cycle management of a project according to pre-defined templates, the creation of new solutions (re-usable notion), version management as well as check-out (modification) / check-in (update and modification availability for other users) functions.



User management

SEE Project Manager includes user profile definition (administrator, users, super users, etc.), and access control management (reading, modification etc.). This can be done either globally or per project.

The project validation, as well as the possibility to define the different associated statuses according to changes, facilitates the relationship between the relevant people (clients sub-contractor etc.)


As all Wndows software packages, SEE Project Manager benefits from the standard user-friendly windows environment in term of customisation (define menu, short cuts, scripts, etc.)

SEE Project Manager is delivered with an API allowing a full customisation of the product as well as the interface with other PDM/PLM tools.


SEE Project Manager LT

The easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy documentation management solution for teams that need fast deployment, fast ramp up and immediate ROI.

SEE Project Manager LT is dedicated to the management of electrical projects created with SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert. It is a collaborative tool, and design teams can work together on an entire range of documents relating to an electrical project including third-party documents (Word, Excel, XML, jpg, etc.)

It centralizes and secures all data and also integrates a « vault » management. It also enables project searching, referencing and re-using as well as the follow up of the tasks done on the files.

Key features

Project Management

  • Centralized storage with automated vault replication
  • Documentation management
    • SEE Electrical documents
    • SEE Electrical Expert documents
  • Additional files management (.doc, .xls, pdf, .xml, .dwg, .jpg…)
  • Document sharing
  • Simple process management
  • Pre-configured workflow
  • Pre-configured user roles and statuses


Environment management* (symbols, part numbers, working methods, etc.)

  • Bidirectional environment synchronization
  • “Local environment” update according to “reference environment” (stored on server)
  • Manual or automatic environment update
  • Extractions (symbols, part numbers… added or modified in the local environment) can be sent to environment administrator for validation and implementation on the server “reference environment”
  • Environment administration

* applies to SEE Electrical Expert only.


Key benefits

  • Essential PDM capabilities available immediately
  • Fully integrated with SEE Electrical Expert and SEE Electrical
  • Immediate return-on-investment
  • Simple and fast to install, set up and deploy (no IT expertise to operate and support)
  • Secured archiving process
  • Always up-to-date and validated projects and environments
  • No need for high performance network
  • Use of local machine full performance

SEE Project Manager PLM

The top of the range package for high-end PDM applications.