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An effective assistance is the guarantee of a good productivity. The quality and the speed of your design and planning of your project are essential to succeed; this is why you want to use all the power of your software tools every day. With the professional assistance of IGE+XAO, you will benefit from a custom-build support, from complete information on the aspects of the software and from the expert advices for an optimal productivity.

The arrival of new software in the study office needs a considerable effort maintaining at the same time the production activity. The training of these softwares is necessary in order to master their use.

Each structure possess a well defined functioning mode, this way we offer you the experience and the competences of the team SEE ONE TEAM which will allow you to gain precious time.

Profit of the technical support in order to improve your functioning time, your productivity, and the investment return.

The offer of maintenance of IGE-XAO ensures:

• The secure of your investments in the software of IGE-XAO,
• A quality of consistent and predicable support for all the office and atelier,
• The direct access to an experienced specialist in the technical field and to a solving of the problems,
• Commitment with regard to delay of intervention and solution,
• Immediate and quantifiable results.


With a maintenance contract you will be able to :

• Increase the productivity of the software programs and the operators,
• Improve the performances of the system and to limit the stopping time connected to the dysfunction,
• Accelerate the problem solution thanks to the technical resources having the expert level and available at any moment,
• Upgrade regularly the software provided by IGE-XAO,
• Obtain the new versions of the software.

80% of our clients under maintenance contract 10 years ago are still such.