SEE Electrical 3D Shop floor

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SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor
SEE Electrical 3D Shop floor
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SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor: a mounting and  wiring assistant dedicated to shop floors


  • Touch-screen compatible and  supports barcode readers
  • Provides a clear view on devices which need to be  mounted and on their position
  • Helps follow the work done and ensures  consistency in panels series assembly
  • Selected devices are highlighted and the user can  validate the mounting with a finger touch
  • Wire list provides clear information on involved  devices and route to take
  • Filters are available to organise work according to  preferences
  • Possible to filter by device, color, wire size, etc.
  • User can select wire in the list with mouse, finger or  even by flashing barcodes engraved on wires
  • Explore drawing with touch or mouse to have a clear  view on the work to do
  • Wire route is cleary displayed
  • Mounting validation helps follow team work and  ensures time saving


SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor is the perfect tool to  save time in panel manufacturing