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The purpose of the „Assistance+“ team is to help you make the most of our products, using highly efficient methods that allow our programs to interface with other existing programs running on your operational system.

What our team offers you goes way further than a basic training and support.

You may ask for specific services such as:

  • consulting,
  • integration,
  • specific programming,
  • on-the-spot support,
  • etc.


Our different programs (SEE Electrical Expert, SEE Electrical, SEE Project Manager, SEE Object Manager, etc) can be adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Developments of VBA Macros on our Various APIs
If necessary, the team can develop customized macros in order to meet your special requirements.

Specific Developments (in all languages)
The team has the capacity to design and implement specific developments in all the programming languages existing on the market.


A highly qualified team of engineers

Our teams are located all over the world, and thus, allow us to be in close contact with our customers in Europe and North America. Three development departments (Marseille, Sofia, Krakow).

Office of a big company

Examples of Integration Already Implemented

The team implemented numerous PDM Connectors (Product Data Management). The following connectors are examples among others:

  •  Between SEE Electrical Expert
  • and Smarteam software (Dassault Systems)and CATIA software (Dassault Systems)
  • and WINDCHILL software (PTC company)

Between SEE Project Manager and the ERP systemSAP.

Between SEE Object Manager
• and WINDCHILL software (PTC)
• and SMARTEAM sotfware (Dassault Systems)

Examples of Specific Developments Implemented

  • Semi-automatic generation of synoptic diagram.
  • Automatic generation of SEE Electrical Expert projects based on a configurator set of data.
  • Specific tools for equipment catalogues and part-lists (Import, Export).


Any question or comment? Please contact us.

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