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Welcome to IGE+XAO Group's investors section

We are pleased to present this section dedicated to all current and prospective shareholders, to financial analysts or anyone waiting information:

Through this section you will find:
– our press releases,
– our periodic publications (quarterly sales turnover, half-year and full year statements,…)
– the shareholder diary, where you will find our various meetings,
– our Annual Report supervised by the AMF (Financial Market Authority),
– and finally our press review.

Alain Di Crescenzo

President, CEO

These actions illustrate our desire to communicate with the financial community and also highlight the fundamentals that make our Group strong :

Through all this information you will realize our willingness to communicate with the financial community but also the fundamentals which make the force of our Group:
– over 30 years of experience,
– 31 subsidiairies and branches in 20 countries,
– over 93,000 licences sold around the world, including highly prestigious customers,
– regular growth,
– strong profitability (around 19% net margin),
– very low debt,
– great potential for development.



You wish to contact us or receive our last annual report so do not hesitate to contact us and send us an email.

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