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With AIDMAP II analyze machines or automated equipment behavior

AIDMAP II is a software package that lets you record and analyze machines or automated equipment behavior. Its principle function is to date and store all system variable changes to provide traceability, but it also allows time-based control, development, and anomaly diagnosis leading to increased reliability and optimized running.

The principle is to save all input and output data history capturing the characteristics of sensors, actuators, and automation variables. These changes are displayed on the screen in the form of charts with periods of activity and curves representing analog values.

AIDMAP II is based on the OPC protocol, a standard which makes it compatible with all controllers and control systems on the market.

The package offers a great number of tools such as computed variables that allow the setting at any time of analysis, using operators or variables that are recalculated by the software from the beginning of the recording. This gives great flexibility in the study of the process behaviour.

An example of another available tool is statistics variables. These allow real-time monitoring of the machine operation and provide a record that can be exported into an external application. This could facilitate making cycle time calculations or studying equipment performance. Other tools are available for the analysis of analog variables, to zoom into recordings and go down to the millisecond, to analyze the cyclical behavior of equipment etc.

All this makes AIDMAP II a required tool for understanding and optimizing process operations.