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With ODIL manage your automation studies and generate the documentation

ODIL is a fully customizable software environment for automation studies, to generate documentation, PLC programs and HMI applications. A single entry approach ensures consistency and quality of deliverables. ODIL was especially chosen by Renault and PSA at a worldwide level for all their projects.

The user selects the relevant trade, giving access to libraries of simple elements for gradually describing his application. This description can also be imported from documents provided by the mechanical engineering department. Each integrated object in the application is detailed with all its characteristics and properties. The user then extends the description by adding operator panels, electrical cabinets, protective equipment for example at the safety level. Each characteristic and propertie is spread throughout the study deliverables out of this simple description.

For Body-in-white applications for example, the user graphically describes the welding cycles steps; this allows the automatic programming of the PLC that will interact with robots applications.

Documentation generation is a key point, since any description gradually spreads in the chapters of Functionnal Analysis or Test procedures. ODIL generates automatically the PLC program and creates HMI screens, which provides significant savings in time and guarantee of quality.