SEE System Design

A complete tool for Basic or Detailed engineering

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The targeted companies :

All companies who need to design, realize and maintain complex installation or process and which are working with several subcontractors.

For instance:

  • Shipbuilders
  • Power suppliers
  • Assembly lines factories
  • Systems assemblers


SEE System Design dedicated to the Engineering Department

If you want to design Basic Engineering (System diagrams, P&ID,…) or Detailed Engineering (Cabling diagrams, Wiring diagrams) this software suite is made for you!
Made with different modules and highly customizable, it can cover a part or the overall needs of your engineering process.

With a client-Server architecture, several users are able to work in concurrent engineering on the same and/or different type of documents (or technical requirements, for instance fluids, HVAC, electrics, cabling, cable routing…).

Highly customizable, this software suite answers most of customer needs.