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Electrical wiring diagram software

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What is an electrical wiring diagram software?

An electrical wiring diagram software allows you to create wiring diagrams and electrical schematics in a few clicks.

From the editor (that can been seen as a “paper drawing”), users will build their wiring diagrams using:

  • symbol libraries
  • component libraries
  • pre-built templates
  • automatic functionality to cut lines, manage cross references, generate bill of materials (BOM), etc.

What are the benefits of a circuit diagram software?

As electrical drawings become “digital”, users will save them on their PC and will be able to create similar drawings very quickly.

This is very useful when working with several customers with almost identical needs and where one component or brand is the only difference. You easily generate the new wiring diagram from the old one.

Also, when working with customers, providing them with a PDF or electronic document instead of a paper drawing, gives a very professional image of your work.

SEE Electrical, an intuitive and easy to use electrical software

For more than 30 years IGE XAO has developed wiring diagram software for various industries including manufacturing, wiring harness, construction, shipbuilding, and energy industries. Today, IGE+XAO is one of the worldwide leaders providing high-performance, innovative electrical circuit software.

IGE XAO provides a complete offer of electrical schematics software solutions to optimise productivity, reduce costs and production times.

From SEE Electrical for basic planning, to SEE Electrical Expert for major production lines, there are various options.

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SEE Electrical Building+ dedicated for the construction industry

IGE XAO offers software packages dedicated to the construction/building industries SEE Electrical Building+ for single wire distribution plans including distribution boxes. Try it free for 30 days

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