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Translation (Add-on)

Translation tool for projects made in SEE Electrical


The Translation module offers the functionality to translate your project into as many languages as you wish. Texts included in the project can be translated according to used translation database. You can have translated texts in the same line or in the different line. You can decide which language should be showed and printed.



Improved Efficiency

  • Saving time by excluding manual translations of sentences and gives you the possibility to work more efficiently.


Improved Accuracy

  • Easily generate your completed technical documentation in different languages, without translation errors.


Improved Collaboration with your global customers

  • Are you want to grow and produce electrical projects in different languages for different countries? You need this tool!


Translation database of electrical terms

Friendly application based on a translation database:
You can manage an active language of the SEE. You can open the Translation application directly in diagram editor. You can add or import new sentences, search and edit database. Translation can be made in the same project or in the copied project, as a manner From language >> To language.

Languages and visibility management:
User can add any language to the translation database. You can manage the visibility of the language. Before printing or saving to pdf you can manage language too, to obtain needed effect. Unicode compatibility ensures that characters for Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese and more are easily supported.

Easy translations setting and process report:
You can easy operate on: all pages and active page. selected sheets, all texts, symbols attributes and others. You can filter texts excluded from translation too. Analyzing tool gives you a list of new sentences, which should be added before starting of translation. You can decide about the position of translated texts. After ending of the process, you will have the report.

Import / Export terms in Translation database:
It's really usable function for companies, which has their own database of sentences in different languages. User can export actual SEE translation database to the Excel, add new needed terms and import full database back to the SEE. Adding the new sentences can be made by other person in Excel, without knowing SEE application.


Documents & Videos

SEE Electrical / Translation module




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