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Projects in the shipbuilding industry are often long and complex and engineers must deploy inventiveness to solve issues that arise.
With constraints as much financial (optimization of the costs, conditions of operational guarantee, …) as technical (boats expected to be more “intelligent”, ability to technically evolve the ship during all its lifetime …), shipbuilding workers are in a daily challenge.

In order to draw electrical plans in a professional way, IGE + XAO has developed a suite of CAD software adapted to Naval Construction. The design of an electrical schematic plan can take place at each stage of a shipbuilding project.

electrical manufacturing shipbuilding

Our competitive advantages

• a complete suite based on Visio: from functional design to the generation of plans and cabling,
• communication capabilities (PLM and CAD integration),
• a collaborative design,
• multiple functions (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical …),
• configuration management (options and variants, versions / maturity).

… are some of the challenges that engineers in the shipbuilding industry have to solve daily.

6 domaines - System
System Design
6 domaines - Electrical design
Electrical Design & Engineering
6 domaines - Data
Data and Project Management
6 domaines - Communication
Ecosystem Integration
6 domaines - Simulation
Simulation & Diagnostic
6 domaines - Electrical manufacturing
Electrical Manufacturing

IGE+XAO software packages manage overall designs as well as detailed designs such as principle diagrams and cable plans.

system design shipbuilding

Electrical Design software packages from IGE+XAO provide powerful functions dedicated to electrical engineering.

electrical design shipbuilding

IGE+XAO offers a range of software packages for managing electrical projects.

data content management shipbuilding

In order to integrate seamlessly with customers information systems, IGE+XAO offer a full range of interfaces.

communication shipbuilding

IGE+XAO sells a complete range of software from its subsidiary Prosyst

simulation dimensioning diagnostic shipbuilding

A comprehensive range for the manufacturing of electrical equipment

electrical manufacturing shipbuilding