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IGE + XAO advanced solutions meet the expectations of every company, in new builds or brown field sites, regardless of the size or complexity of the building. Discover our solutions according to your needs or the typology of your building.

Innovation in the construction industry

• smart buildings,
• growth in number of connected devices (datacom),
• adherence to standards.

The competitive advantages IGE + XAO

• automatic generation of plans,
• an “all-in-one” product,
• easy-to-use integrated computing solutions,
• interoperability.

IGE+XAO receives funding from ERDF in order to develop a collaborative web platform in the Building industry.

6 domaines - System
System Design
6 domaines - Electrical design
Electrical Design
6 domaines - Data
Data & Content Management
6 domaines - Communication
6 domaines - Simulation
Simulation, Dimensioning & Diagnostic
6 domaines - Electrical manufacturing
Electrical Manufacturing

IGE+XAO software packages manage overall designs as well as detailed designs such as principle diagrams and cable plans.

Electrical Design software packages from IGE+XAO provide powerful functions dedicated to electrical engineering.

  • SEE Electrical Expert
    SEE Electrical Expert

    All the power of Electrical CAD dedicated to industrial automation and electrical harnesses.

  • SEE Electrical
    SEE Electrical

    SEE Electrical - electrical CAD software for easily creating wiring diagrams

  • SEE Electrical Building+
    SEE Electrical Building+

    SEE Electrical Building+ Basic Its numerous functions and attractive price make it an easily accessible choice for individual electricians to construction companies involved in building electrics projects.   Building plans :   Architectural design includes efficient architectural commands to design the building ground plan. Walls are drawn dynamically and automatically joined. Widths, lengths and angles […]


IGE+XAO offers a range of software packages for managing electrical projects.

  • SEE Web Catalogue
    SEE Web Catalogue

    Explore our online equipment catalogue, SEE Web Catalogue

  • SEE Project Manager
    SEE Project Manager

    SEE Project Manager: a complete offer for the management of electrical projects.

  • SEE Compodata
    SEE Compodata

    SEE Compodata: an innovative product configurator to also generate your e-catalogs (electronic catalogs).


In order to integrate seamlessly with customers information systems, IGE+XAO offer a full range of interfaces.

IGE+XAO sells a complete range of software from its subsidiary Prosyst

A comprehensive range for the manufacturing of electrical equipment

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