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Flying is one of the oldest dreams of humanity. We have achieved so much in aviation however if the pioneers time seems to be behind us, great challenges still remain: cleaner environmentally friendly travel, new energy sources, smaller machines and tourist trips to space.

The Aerospace industry is facing stiff challenges such as

• an increase in the number of components,
• support for multiple configurations,
• increased complexity of wiring,
• various software tools,
• reduction in production time,

Our strengths

• a powerful PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) suite,
• a complete suite, from design to manufacture,
• a high level of integration,
• scalable solutions (from stand-alone to PLM).

6 domaines - System
System Design
6 domaines - Electrical design
Electrical Design
6 domaines - Data
Data & Content Management
6 domaines - Communication
6 domaines - Simulation
Simulation, Dimensioning & Diagnostic
6 domaines - Electrical manufacturing
Electrical Manufacturing

IGE+XAO software packages manage overall designs as well as detailed designs such as principle diagrams and cable plans.

Electrical Design software packages from IGE+XAO provide powerful functions dedicated to electrical engineering.

IGE+XAO offers a range of software packages for managing electrical projects.

In order to integrate seamlessly with customers information systems, IGE+XAO offer a full range of interfaces.

IGE+XAO sells a complete range of software from its subsidiary Prosyst

A comprehensive range for the manufacturing of electrical equipment

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