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Harness Engineering (Add-on)

Harness Manufacturing It is a tool for designing 2D electrical harnesses based on schematic diagrams. It works as an add-on with SEE Electrical EXPERT.


Harness Engineering is the Add-On for machines designers, which use SEE Electrical Expert. User can design logical diagram and harnesses with a high quality. By using dedicated environment and functions, electricians can make really complicated drawings with connectors, wires and extremities.



Improved Efficiency:

Streamlining the electrical design and manufacturing process of harnesses,
reducing errors, and saving time.


Improved Productivity:

Perform detailed manufacturing tasks, automate harnesses managing and production.


Improved Collaboration:

Generate complete designing and production documentation
for your stakeholders.


Harness Documentation

Logical and physical electrical harnesses design:
It is a tool for designing of harnesses. User firstly makes wiring diagrams with black boxes, symbols, connections, connectors, sockets and plugs. Next he puts cables on the connections, to connect devices. The name of the harness is declared too. User must determinate in which harness corresponding cable is routed. After finishing wiring diagram, he can draw physical harness drawing, including branches, splices, markers and others. He can manage accessories too, typical accessories for that kind of engineering work.

Navigation between wiring diagrams and harness diagram
It is easy to navigate between electrical elements positioned on both types of drawings, It is important, because such kind of drawings are really large an complicated sometimes.

Automatic routing of cables and wires:
Cables and wires used in electrical drawings are routed in declared harness.

Diameter calculations:
Thanks to using equipment cable catalogue, user can calculate diameters of branches and harnesses.

Automatic list From To:
Very needed list From To is generated automatically. Other important reports can be generated.

Dedicated environment:
Harness Documentation need a dedicated symbols, electrical codes and methods to work optimally. Cables, wires and accessories are included in this environment.


Scaled harness drawings:
An application that allows drawing scaled drawings of harnesses on a screen used like a mounting plate. This digital twin solution is dedicated to the companies making harnesses.

Branches management:
User controls the bend radius of the branches, and branch diameters are displayed.

Harness flattening management:
Automatic flattening of the harnesses and the manual arranging of its branches & end terminations is provided.

End Fitting

Managing harness wire terminations:
User can define methods of equipment required for wire end fittings.

Definition of the material for the wire ends:
User can define type of the material associated with the wire ends

As an Add-on

SEE Electrical Expert add-on:
All customers with a SEE Electrical Expert and this additional module can produce electrical harness projects. It works for SEE Electrical Expert V4R3, V5R1 and V5R2. It is enough to buy a Grow bundle and this add-on to use all functionalities of Harness Engineering.


Documents & Videos

See Electrical Expert for the Aerospace industry



Get an in-depth insight to our electrical engineering software by requesting a training course that suits you.

This product requires a minimum of one week of training to learn how it works. You need to be trained in SEE Electrical Expert, after you can order Harness training.

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