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SEE Project Manager (Add-on)

PDM application for management of electrical projects created with SEE Electrical Expert or SEE Electrical


Manage your design process in the electrical projects database!

SEE Project Manager is dedicated to the management of electrical projects created with SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert. SEE Project Manager can be purchased in three levels – LT, Standard and PLM.

Each level offers a range of services at a different price point so that you can select the level that suits your company needs. It is dedicated for companies which use many licenses of SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert and need to coordinate a designing flow. It is simple to progress from the basic level to the higher level.



Improved Quality:

Streamline the flow of electrical projects in your design team, control the designing process and specific tasks in the one database and manage your projects effectively.


Improved Security:

Store and manage projects in the secured SQL database, dedicated especially for SEE documentation. Use check-in and check-out options to secure projects. Manage accesses and user rights.


Improved Life Cycle:

Manage the lifecycle and history of your electrical projects in pre-defined database.


SEE Project Manager LT

Secure file vaulting:
Company can vault their documents on one secured server with preconfigured database for electrical projects. Administrator manage access to the projects, by defining User rights. This enables companies to create and maintain a single data location that can be accessed by authorized users around the world, to store and retrieve electrical designs.

Check-In / Check-Out management:
Members of the team use Check-in / Check-out processes to work easier and faster in a collaborative mode. User can work in consultation mode or in modification mode, depending of his role.

Preconfigured Project Lifecycle with revision control:
The application allows you to determine the product life cycle by defining the most important document statuses, such as In work, To validate, Published, Obsolete. The workflow is preconfigured with using the most common stages of document. Versioning of projects is enabled.

Management of SEE Electrical Expert and SEE Electrical projects:
Users can open SEE Electrical Expert and SEE Electrical projects through SEE Project Manager application, to take full advantages. Depending of his role, user can search for any project, visualize it, edit, generate reports, print and others. User can update his SEE Electrical Expert Environment according to a reference environment, which can be located on a server.

Embedded Data Vault:
The application uses MS SQL Server Express database with data limit to 5GB.

SEE Project Manager Standard

LT features plus:

Customizable projects database: Companies can adjust database to their special needs.

Lifecycle Management customizable: For companies which needs special processes, the process is fully customizable. Companies can modify any status, stage of the workflow.

Projects history: This feature is really important in critical industry branches, like aviation and railway. The long process of designing of electrical machines must be synchronized and divided by many stages. Automatic project history is crucial, if we speak about quality.

Full management of SEE Electrical Expert environment:
Users can manage full projects environments, such symbols, part numbers and others. Manual or automatic environment update can be used with bidirectional environment synchronization.

Customizable Data Vault:
The application uses MS SQL Server database, with full functionality, administrated by Customer, without data limit. It's recommended solution to use Standard level for professional management.


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Get an in-depth insight to our electrical engineering software by requesting a training course that suits you.

The SEE Project Manager application needs minimum one day training. It is recommended that you first complete the typical SEE Electrical User training or SEE Electrical Expert User training, to understand processes.

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