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Electrical CAD software for Panel Builders

IGE+XAO solutions provide panel builders with high added value.

Discover below how IGE+XAO contributes to the digitization of the panel builder customer journey.

IGE+XAO offers a complete range to meet panel builder requirements

Self-Service for Productivity & Autonomy 

40% time saving by using a Professional and Intuitive Electrical CAD software

Reduction in 2D and 3D design, manufacturing and startup cost Automatic and optimized wire routing Improved manufacturing speed and accuracy with direct link to CNC machine

Easy & Fast Access to Information for Efficiency & Flexibility

Optimize and standardize panel builder’s working methods

Flexible floating software licensing that can be shared between sites (SaaS)

Updated & Comprehensive Information for Peace of mind

Largest multi-manufacturers database (> 900,000 part numbers) available via SEE Web catalogue

Schneider “flagship” database contains  about 100,000 references

Error free schematics and full conformity to local and international standards

Dedicated Software for a Personalized Experience

Access to personalized services

Ready-to-use software package with flexibility to customize:

  • symbols
  • libraries
  • methods
  • template
  • mounting rules

In touch with Experts for a Close Relationship

Direct access to experts through maintenance contract

Unlimited access to hotline

Standard, customized, or on-demand training offer

Discover IGE+XAO solutions for panel builders

SEE Electrical

Electrical CAD software to easily create wiring diagrams

All features and commands in SEE Electrical are designed specifically for electrical engineering. Its intuitive interface means that you can be productive very quickly with minimal training. Creating wiring diagrams has never been so simple! Try SEE Electrical for free during 30 days

SEE Electrical 3D Panel +

Optimize your cabinet’s design and manufacturing

3D Panel+ bridges the gap between the schematic and the manufacturing of the electrical cabinet or switchboard by providing professional grade 3D electrical engineering tools and exporting the key manufacturing outputs for shop floor associates and processing machines. More information on SEE Electrical 3D Panel+

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor

A mounting and  wiring assistant dedicated to shop floors

SEE Electrical Shop Floor enables panel mounting validation and therefore helps follow team work and  ensures time saving as well as consistency in panels series assembly. More information on SEE Electrical 3D SHo Floor

Additional Ressources

White paper “the benefits of digitizating your electrical control panels”

This document proposes an overview of each phase of a control panel project and how the digitization of these phases can enable productivity gains across the board, thus allowing panel builders to further increase their competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Industry 4.0 approach can also offer opportunities in the tendering, engineering, manufacturing and testing phases.

Download the white paper



White paper on the benefits of digitizing electrical panels