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V2R1 SP3

Release notes

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SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ V2R1 SP3

New features

Check of duplicate tags

This command allows you to assess if duplicate items (down to the pin number) are present in the workspace to validate the consistency of your project.

Move/Copy basepoint with a vector

Copy or movement of object has now become even easier.

No more trouble with overlapping objects that prevent the precise positioning of your 3D models.

New options to select Equipement Catalog Database

2 new options are provided to select which equipment catalog to use for your project:

1/ At project level: Useful if this particular project relies on a non typical equipment catalog

2/ At software level: Useful if your equipment catalog is not in the same folder as your symbols

The project level setting has higher priority over the software level setting

Change color on BREP surfaces

Thanks to 2 new commands, the color of a BREP 3D model can be controlled in 2 ways

At the surface level or at the models level (all surfaces)


Plane creation tool

Creation of pre-set plane names (editable via XML file placed in Templates folder). Allows to fully customize plane names and permits incremental plane number generation if the given plane name already exists.


Explode command stops at BREP level

This prevents the explode command from ever breaking the boundary representation of the 3D Model.

Load See 3D Panel assembly file command rename

Command renamed from Load XML Assembly to Load See 3D Panel assembly file

Bug fixed

  • Import from AutoCAD: Properties of some texts are not shown
  • Bitmap disappears when selected if background is transparent
  • Crash reading excel files with cables
  • Quick access toolbar disappear in special use cases
  • Print View: Label Line Space Distance not updated when changing the label Height
  • Crash in 3D model when deleting all components
  • Dynamic scale fails on some BREP entities
  • Drill hole in copper bus bar calculated incorrectly
  • Inserting multiple component on a parent only transfer function and location to first child
  • Machining planes drill hole generation fails in particular contexts
  • When defining planes with the function “Create from surface” the application is hidden
  • Extension command “Import step to symbol library” doesn’t support capital letter file extensions (*.STEP)
  • Issue while loading V1R6 3D models into V2
  • Disappearing Aux contact of a component when moved on a rail
  • The command “Show Connections” is not taking into account the connection texts
  • Changing line weight from property card is not working