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V8R3 SP1

Release notes

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New features

Renumbering of drawings from Workspace pane


It is possible now to renumber all drawings in active workspace by executing Renumber All Drawings command available in workspace’s contextual menu. This command allows for certain methods of renumbering such as continuous numbering and separate numbering for folders with additional options to reset numbering for each node (drawing type, graphical list) or to keep pages connected by index.

Adaptation of drawing after changing scale


After changing Scale property of a drawing, it is possible now to define if its content must be adjusted too. User can define if objects such as graphics, dimensions, and room areas (for Building Installation module only) must be recalculated.

Possibility to zoom out drawing beyond its dimensions


New command Zoom Extents was added to View > Zoom panel of the ribbon. After executing this it, process checks if there are any objects in coordinates exceeding drawing size and zooms out to show them. In case no objects were found, process maximizes current drawing (same way as Zoom Original command works). Additionally, it is possible to execute this command directly from contextual menu of Preview pane once active drawing is zoomed out to original size.

Types Database attributes in 3D Panel


All Type Database attributes and their values that define components are being sent to 3D Panel so user can preview them. In order to do that, new Equipment Properties attribute was added to the Properties pane available in 3D Panel module.

Update of Wire Properties according to Type


From now on, if user assigns a type to wire, Size and Colour attributes are automatically updated and locked for further modification until it’s removed. In order to properly define a wire type, Number of conductors attribute must be filled with one entry only. If more entries are defined, only first is used.

PLC Address attribute as Signal Number Definition


Define Signal Number command available in Electrical tab of the ribbon allows to define custom numbering of nets connected to a given symbol. From now on, if signal number is being defined for PLC Signal symbol, it is possible to choose PLC Address attribute as part of the syntax.

Segregation Code for Wires


New attribute Segregation Code has been added to wires. This attribute allows for more detailed management of wiring by including this attribute in graphical lists and/or by reusing this value while creating panels using 3D Panel module.
It’s important to know that the value of this attribute is being erased each time wire is copied or saved in symbol library. This does not apply to copying pages using commands available in contextual menu of Workspace pane or CopyP command.

New command to clear imported PLC information


New command PLCClearImport allows to remove all information left in the workspace by executing PLCImportExcel command.

New reference options


Options Show only Function/Location if different and Show prior/next page in other Function were added to Reference tab of Circuit Diagrams IEEE Properties dialog allowing for more precise customization of pages and their references.

Possibility to generate graphical lists while using Auto Generator module


New option Generate graphical lists available in the Generation settings frame of Auto Generate Diagrams from Excel/Access dialog allows to force generation of graphical list at the end of the process. Definition of which graphical lists must be created is inherited from Generate Graphical Lists dialog available after executing Graphical Lists > Generate command (contextual menu of Workspace pane).
This option is being exported withing *.AutoGen configuration file. It is also possible to force generation of graphical lists while using command line by adding “/g” parameter in the syntax.


Renumbering of components in Insert/Remove Gap functionality


If Component Numbering is set to Code\Page\Number or Code\Page\Cell, while executing Insert/Remove Gap(s) Before This Page commands, it is possible to enable automatic renumbering of all components placed on affected pages.

Consistency while using Scale command


If drawing scale is set to value different that 1.0, while scaling objects with Scale command available in contextual menu, values displayed after pressing Spacebar key are no longer multiplied by scale.

Export of selected types


In Type Database it is possible to export types to XML file. Behaviour of Selected Equipments option was changed so it no longer exports all visible types but only those which are selected.

Copy with Base Point command on the Ribbon


Copy with Base Point command that was available in contextual menu after selecting elements was added to the ribbon so it is possible now to assign shortcut to it.

Rename of Copy to Clipboard command


Copy to Clipboard command which copies active drawing to Clipboard was renamed to Screenshot.

Go To functionality for databases


In order to improve usability of database views, all types of databases were reviewed and availability of Go to the page command was evaluated. Thanks to that, possibility to use Go to the page command was added to “View, Signals”, “Editor, Print List”, “View, Rooms”, “View, Bridges”, “View, PLC Card I/O” and removed from “View, BOM per Room”, “View, BOM per Room (simple)”, “View, Compressed BOM”, “View, Compressed BOM (simple)”, “View, Compressed BOM per Page”, “View, Circuit List”.

Global grid visibility in Viewer mode


If SEE Electrical is started in Viewer mode, grid visibility (View > Show/Hide > Grid) is global for all pages now.

Function/Location in View, Wire Labels


Function and Location attributes have been added to displayed values in View, Wire Labels database.

Maximum number of opened views


In System Settings of SEE Electrical it is possible to define how many tabs can be opened before the latest one will be closed automatically. It is impossible now to enter value lower than 2 and greater than 100.

Potential Description


All Potentials inserted in SEE Electrical V8R3 SP1 or higher have Description 00 attribute added so it is possible to display its value on drawings and in Function Location Product dialog.

Wire Numbers of wires connected to Smart Box symbols


Wire Numbers defined for wires connected to Smart Box are no longer being erased once new connection point is being created.

New mode for Clear Selected Numbers command


Electrical > Numbers > Clear Selected command has two mode now depending on initial selection. If wires are selected before executing this command then they are being removed. If wires are not selected, after execution the user can use mouse cursor to click on wires that must have wire numbers removed. It’s possible to exit this mode by pressing Esc key or right mouse button.

Position of connection texts for default cable


If Standard Windows text option in Cable text setup dialog is used, it is possible now to control the offset of connection point’s texts inserted while creating cable using Default button. In order to change predefined value (0.25), it is required to modify registry value DefaultCableOffset available in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IGE+XAO\SEE Electrical\Version V8R3\1000 (for Circuit Diagrams IEC) or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IGE+XAO\SEE Electrical\Version V8R3\1001 (for Circuit Diagrams IEEE) key which is created on first use of Default cable.

Bug fixed

It is possible now to create and use Type Database created with SetTypeDb command that has whitespace at the end of its name.

Issue where workspace couldn’t be saved when single execution of PLCImportAssign command was used to define multiple PLC Signal symbols was eliminated.

If Enable product database option is enabled, component numbering for Cabinets drawings is switched to Free.

Duplicated Cable Channel object type (ID 19484) was removed from Building Installation module.

Fixed an issue where Rails and Cable Channels that had no type assigned appeared twice in Parts List graphical list.

Issue where using Delete key on main node in Commands pane caused program to crash was fixed.

Problem where for Graphical Lists wrap text “%wt(n)” and merging of two texts “#FU” didn’t always work was eliminated.

Fixed an issue with flickering text insertion/edition dialog while resizing.

Scalable dialogs behave properly now when DPI scaling is set to value different than 100%.

OK and Cancel buttons are visible now in Block/Component Definition dialog while adding new component without graphics.

Progress bar and Close button in Convert old data tool work properly again.

Fixed an issue where if Contact, Main CO, Contact, Main NO or Contact, Main NC symbols were grouped into Component with Aux. Contacts, their attributes Function, Location, Product, Type and Description were not removed.

If Cable Numbering is set to Page\Code\Cell and multiple cables are pasted, their Product attribute is being assigned properly now.

If workspace is being saved as while in Safe Mode, Workspace Template attribute no longer gets value “temp$$$”.

Issue with not updating Cable Cores and Connector Pins attributes if type was changed using Properties pane no longer occurs.

Commands Copy/Paste for 3D Panel drawings, Page Properties for Other Documents were removed.

Relation between main and auxiliary symbols (like between Coil and Contacts) is properly maintained now while copying pages using Copy/Paste functions as well as CopyP command.

Issue that caused some texts to disappear from generated PDF files was fixed.

Wires that use cross reference symbols to connect between different pages are updated properly now when their length is calculated using 3D Panel module.

Print View created in 3D Panel module is being updated properly now.

Crash when the user tried to import or export panel definition without defining configuration file name was eliminated.

Material Type attribute set to “Stainless Steel” is properly recognized again while defining panel type in Cabinet Thermal Calculation module.