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V8R3 SP5

Release notes

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New features

Scale all dimensions


New Scale all command available in Dimension panel of Draw menu allows to scale up or down all dimensions inserted on current drawing by given factor. All display settings such as font, size, arrows type or suffix are not updated in the process.

Recalculate all dimensions


New Recalculate all command available in Dimension panel of Draw menu allows to recalculate all dimensions inserted on current drawing according to their current length and drawing scale. All display settings such as font, size, arrows type or suffix are not updated in the process.


Insertion point for DWGSymbol command


Symbols created using DWGSymbol command will no longer have an insertion point at the origin of original DWG/DXF files. From now on, an insertion point’s coordinates are the same as the very first connection point created automatically by the system.

New Live Update protocol


In order to improve users’ security while connecting to IGE+XAO’s services, Live Update server was changed alongside with the protocol used to connect to it. Old Live Update server will be operational until end of February 2022 which means that from that date, it won’t be possible to update SEE Electrical automatically if its version is lower than V8R3 SP5.

New watermark for School Version


Watermark used while printing projects created with School Version license was updated in order to improve readability while still making watermark a valid limitation of this license type.

UpdateChannelDefinitionCabinetLayout command


New UpdateChannelDefinitionCabinetLayout command allows to update local equipment database with symbol definitions for Cabinet Layout module using MDB file provided by IGE+XAO. Existing UpdateChannelDefinition command which was used to do the same thing but for 3D Panel module was renamed to UpdateChannelDefinition3DPanel.

Prior/Next Page attributes


Prior Page and Next Page text attributes will now show page numbers of pages in different workspace nodes. Switching between new and old behaviours can be achieved by changing value of PriorNextBetweenDiffDrawingTypes in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IGE+XAO\SEE Electrical\Version V8R3\General” registry key.

Visibility of Type attribute for rails and cable channels


Visibility setting of Type attribute for rails and cable channels in Cabinet Layout drawings is no longer fixed to “Hide”.

Minimum wall length limitation


The limitation of linking the minimum length of walls to the drawing scale has been removed.

Exclude from RCD protection group column in Circuit List view


View, Circuit List database view has a new column that shows if circuit was excluded from RCD protection group or not.

Bug fixed

Certain elements are no longer displayed incorrectly after applying Windows Security Update KB5006670.

Transparent background for texts can be reapplied again.

Incorrect recalculation of dimensions while changing drawing scale multiple times within one session has been fixed.

Wire properties defined in blocks for Auto Generation module no longer are reset to defaults.

Issue where checkboxes used to define Link Types required to be changed twice in order to make single change was eliminated.

Intelligent PDF module has been upgraded in order to properly store information about selected pages and apply selected colour settings.

Renumbering components available on Building Installation drawings using Editor, Components database considers numbering method defined for this type of drawing.

Issue where attributes mapping between Equipment Database and Distribution Diagram symbols worked for default database only is eliminated.

Database error that happened while drawing multiple connections across Smart Box symbols no longer occurs.

“Item not found in collection” message no longer appears while converting projects from older versions.

Custom drawing types no longer have numbering method fixed to Page/Code/Cell.

PLCClearImport command requires project to be saved in order to apply changes in the database.

Create ongoing terminal numbers if Free is set for Terminal Strip naming option works properly in all cases now.