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V8R4 SP2

Release notes

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New features

Automatic update of equipment properties


Thanks to the new setting in Workspace Properties, it is possible now to define if all equipment definitions should be automatically updated each time project is being opened. It is possible to define one of the three options: ask, update automatically or do not update.

Import from SE ecoreal P


New File > Import… > SE ecoreal P menu allows to import files generated by SE ecoreal P and automatically generate multi or single line diagrams within Circuit Diagrams, BOM to be inserted manually thanks to features such as Pick List or Complete and Cabinet Layout drawings.

Export to 3D Panel


File > Export > Workspace to SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ command allows users to export project data into XLS file, that can be imported by standalone version of 3D Panel+.

Default Link Type and Equipment for signals


Among other properties, it is possible now to set default Link Type and Equipment for Signal Types. Those attributes are only applied to newly created signals and wires. On top of that, during automatic wire/signals numbering it is possible to reset those attributes to defaults defined in Signal Types Setup dialog.

Equipment Database filtering


Filled Equipment Attributes (e.g.: manufacturer, goods group, voltage, width and so on) in symbols, automatically filter Equipment Database’s content (when opened in selector mode) to match those values. Filter can be disabled or removed completely by deselecting a checkbox located at the bottom of equipment browser. If a symbol already has an equipment (or more) defined, filtering does not occur.


Go To in Document list


It is possible no to use Go To command to navigate from Documents List to other drawings. To do so, select an entry and right click to display a contextual menu where Go To command can be found. This navigation works only for newly created lists.

Grouping attributes in tabs


Grouping attributes in tabs mechanism introduced in the early releases of SEE Electrical V8R4 has been redesigned. Now to determine which attributes must become grouping nodes, instead of using attribute IDs divisible by 500 new checkbox has been introduced. All existing nodes (except for those system defined) will be removed and must be redefined.

Full units support for dimensioning


It is possible now to define which units will be used to display dimensions. Available units are mm, cm, dm, m and inches. It is also possible to change global units by changing appropriate settings in Dimension Settings dialog. On top of that, individual dimensions and their units can be managed separately directly from Properties pane. All migrated dimensions will not display units by default.

F/L unlock during NEM Import


When importing data from Caneco, SE EPD Ecodial or Ecoreal P, if Function/Location management is disabled, it will be automatically enabled.

Link Type marked as not wire excluded from Wire List


Wires with Link Types defined as not wire will be excluded from Wire List and Wire Parts List. Instead, they will be added to all bills of materials.

References on Distribution Diagram


The way Signal References are inserted in Distribution Diagram has been improved. Previously, distance from the symbol reference was based on the grid settings, which caused it to sometimes appear outside of the page. To address this, we’ve adjusted the position of the symbol reference to be place in the middle of first and last columns, so that it’s always placed within the page when generating diagrams.

Bug fixed

Issue that caused 3D Panel drawings to be inaccessible when opened for a substantial amount of time has been fixed.

Auto connections between coil mirrors and other symbols are not being created anymore.

Changing page template no longer removes objects that were selected during the exchange.

Occasional issue when using spreadsheet mode of BlockConfigurator and DrawingConfigurator commands caused data loss has been resolved.

Crash caused by using various decimal point characters in Panel Thermal Calculation module no longer occurs.

Circuit List graphical list generates entries in correct order now.

Having bitmaps embedded in symbol no longer causes problems when selecting them in Channel Definition.

Making changes to workspace, page and component attributes no longer causes already defined user attributes to be removed.

Defining custom signal colour in Signal Type Setup dialog works again.

Minor issues to the storage of external 3D Views have been resolved.

Workspace Lock in combination with Safe Mode and automatic Check In works properly now.

Removing components from 3D Panel drawings removes them from the project database entirely.

Changing direction of a signal reference do not remove Location and Function anymore.

Crash caused by copying attributes between Coil and Relay no longer occurs.

Labels export dialog is displayed in correct language now.

Incorrect assignment of Channel Definition for US SEE Web Catalogue has been fixed.