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V8R4 SP3

Release notes

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New features

Integration with SE UE ProClima


A new ProClima command accessible from Electrical > Integrations and Cabinet > Integrations panels has been added. This command allows to launch the SE UE ProClima web tool where it is possible to perform detailed power dissipation calculations of a panel.


Based on the power consumption of selected devices, it is possible to perform those calculations, select and configure heating and/or cooling solutions and directly import them in SEE Electrical project. On top of that, PDF that contains details of given configuration are automatically attached in Other Documents drawing type.

Integration with Weidmueller WPC


It is possible now to export a CSV file containing wire manufacturing information for Weidmueller’s WPC machine. Wires to Weidmueller WPC command can be found in File > Export… menu.

New Supplement: Launch module


New Supplement: Launch module has been added. This module is part of Launch bundle and enables two features: Enable Function/Location management command available in Workspace Properties dialog and limited access to Equipment Database (basic technical data only).

New Supplement: Scale module


New Supplement: Scale module has been added. This module is part of Scale bundle and enables all features necessary for PLM integrations.

From/To wire numbering


A new way wire numbering method has been added. If Wire numbering has been selected as wiring method, it is possible to select From/To numbering method which generates wire numbers based on devices and connections connected at the end of each wire (e.g.: =F1+L1-P1:1/+L2-Q1:2).


Licensing procedure overhaul

Launch of IGE+XAO’s new offer was a great opportunity to completely overhaul the way users interact with the software for the first time and license the software. Due to that, all license related activities have been removed from the software and added to the new SEE Electrical Configuration tool which is part of SEE Electrical’s installation package.


To access this new tool, users can either find appropriate Configuration of SEE Electrical V8R4 shortcut in the Start menu or click on License my software button located in About SEE Electrical dialog (accessible through i icon in the top right corner of the main SEE Electrical window).

Moreover, trial users will be notified about remaining evaluation time each time they open SEE Electrical. It will also be possible to access SEE Electrical Configuration tool from that dialog.


Detailed instructions on how to license SEE Electrical now can be found in Installation Guide and License with… manuals.

New version of 3D Panel module


3D Panel module compatible with this version of SEE Electrical is V2R2 SP6 ( If SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ has been previously installed, it will be updated automatically.

Watermark on PDF files generated with trial version


All PDF file generated with Intelligent PDF module (File > Export… > PDF File command) have a watermark if generated when trial version has been used.

Bug fixed

Crash that appeared when Ctrl+L key combination was being pressed has been eliminated.

Issue where Go to from Document List didn’t work when multiple pages had the exact same number has been eliminated.

Caneco BT and SE EPD Ecodial XML imports work correctly now when DPI scaling is set higher than 125%.

Auto Generation module can be used on user defined drawing types under condition, that Circuit Diagrams IEC/NFPA or Cabinets were used as an origin.

Wire Part List no longer contains none-wire part numbers.

Issue where inserted images were always inserted as a link has been fixed.

When generating a Parts List, subtypes’ part number information is always displayed now.

Export… and Import… menu have been reorganized.

Contextual menu which appears while right-clicking on the drawing’s elements has been optimized based on how often available features are used.

After changing the direction on Signal Reference symbol, navigation pin is displayed properly now.

Issue where scale of Cabinets symbols inserted using Add command was incorrect has been removed.

MS Excel export to 3D Panel+ format includes all auxiliary part numbers now.

When importing a file from Caneco BT or Ecoreal P, manufacturer and part number of equipment are recovered correctly.

Crash which occurred when Equipment Database filtering included attribute that was not defined in the database has been eliminated.

Equipment Database filtering using equipment attributes in symbols no longer treats blank fields.

Certain database tables required to generate installation delivery reports dedicated to Greek market are being created automatically now.

Calculated power visible in generated Distribution Diagrams with Excluded from RCD protection group option enabled are correct now.

Net Name automatically assigned when Signal Types are used no longer causes duplicated values if global net numbering uses page number.

Opening software by double clicking on a project file and immediately generating PDF file no longer causes a crash.

Rail symbols exported to DWG file are displayed properly now.

Performance of Complete command has been significantly increased.

Duplicating system drawing type with a user defined no longer causes origin drawing type to disappear from Workspace Pane.

Migration time for projects created in SEE Electrical V8R1 and lower has been significantly reduced.

All symbols inserted on a drawing display coordinates of the very first connection point in Properties Pane

Issue where change of PLC synchronization general rule was not stored in projects has been removed.

Creating new Signal Type no longer requires Equipment field to be filled.

Choosing contact number with placeholders no longer causes system to be unresponsive.

User defined drawing types from 1800-1999 range use defined page template now.

Crash that occurred when PDF insertion (via General > Insert > Picture command) was executed after page scale change, has been eliminated.

Anomaly that caused Cable Rubberband in combination with Snap to Element to randomly move the cursor while dragging symbols has been eliminated.

It is possible again to renumber Terminal Sorting attributes in Editor, Terminals using N>=n and N>n formulas.