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V8R4 SP5

Release notes

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New features

End fitting management


It is now possible to predefine end fitting information data for every link type. Attributes such as Connection Dimension, Tool Size, Stripping Length and Wire Termination can now be defined inside Link Type Definition dialog, available in Circuit Diagrams Properties. This manufacturing data can also be retrieved in all Wire Lists and is present in respective database views and editors. On top of that, Link Type can now be directly selected from the ribbon while drawing a wire.

BOM import from SE EcoStruxure Automation Expert


New File > Import… > Bill of Materials > EcoStruxure Automation Expert command allows importing a *.HCF file which contains a configuration created using SE EcoStruxure Automation Expert.

Imported devices are automatically added to the Editor, Components Without Graphic and are accessible through Pick List and Complete commands.

FlexLM licensing


It is now possible to license SEE Electrical using a FlexLM server.


Redesign of the page recovery system


The Page recovery system (also known as page backups) has been fully redesigned. From now on, executing the Load Backup command from the page contextual menu opens a completely new window. In this new dialog, a list of up to nine backups for the current page is displayed. Moreover, a new grid shows critical backup attributes, which allows for more efficient identification of a correct backup. When selecting a backup, a preview of the page is displayed. It is also possible now to disable the filter based on page ID and load backup from another page. Finally, the number of the backups created by the system per page has been increased from 3 to 9.

Selection of panels for single and multi-line diagram generation from NEM file


It is now possible to select one, several or all panels when generating single or multi line diagrams from NEM file. Besides, all pages are generated inside a folder structure based on selected panels. If the import is executed from the command line and in silent mode, all panels are generated.

Selection of target drawing type for single and multi-line diagram generation from NEM file


It is now possible to select a user defined drawing type when generating single or multi line diagrams from NEM file. If more than one drawing type based on circuit diagrams is present in the project, a prompt is displayed for selecting the one in which the schematic is to be generated. If the import is executed from command line and in silent mode, the default Circuit Diagrams IEC are used.

Bug fixed

It is again possible to automatically retrieve the license when opening SEE Electrical.
User Administrator Rights are no longer needed to open the SEE Electrical Configuration.
It is now possible to have SEE Electrical, SEE Electrical Building+ and SEE Electrical Building Schneider Edition installed on the same machine.
Moving a wall after deleting some of its sides does not lead to a crash anymore.
Creation of a new field in the Equipment Database no longer displays an error.
It is again possible to insert content from two different PDFs without having to reopen SEE Electrical.
The problem that prevented users from licensing the software with a proxy has been resolved.
It is now possible to use user defined drawing types with the CopyP command.
Trying to generate a SLD/MLD diagram without having a Circuit Diagram based item does not close the software anymore.
Signal Reference symbols do not disappear anymore when inserting a symbol from the Aspect Manager.
The Terminal Strip tab in the Circuit Diagrams IEC/NFPA Properties dialog is available again for Launch and Basic license users.
Shortcuts created with the Chinese version can now be imported again.
Description 00 attributes is no longer overwritten by values from SEE Electrical 3D Panel.
PDFs generated with a correctly licensed Chinese version are not watermarked.
The issue that prevented the List and Label command from working properly has been fixed.
Inserting an external 3D view does not make the software crash anymore.
The Equipment filtering issue that used to cause filtering rules to be applied incorrectly if equipment selection was performed for two symbols one after another is fixed now.
The issue that prevented from removing zero values in graphical lists has been fixed.