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SEE Electrical 3D Panel+
SEE Electrical 3D Panel+
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Optimize your cabinet’s design and manufacturing

3D Panel+ bridges the gap between the schematic and the manufacturing of the electrical cabinet or switchboard by providing professional grade 3D electrical engineering tools and exporting the key manufacturing outputs for shop floor associates and processing machines.

Focus on engineering

Enter the digital twin world and recoup its benefits
Catch design and production problems before they occur and develop more innovative designs
Maximize your product’s quality while reducing productions time and costs

The complete toolset for optimal design

Electrically enabled 3D Engine: Harness the power of the 3D for electrical design
Ready for manufacturing: Generate all the manufacturing data needed for production
Flexible Solution: Integrated as module of SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert or available in Standalone version

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What’s new in V2R1: The Copper Module

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ Copper Module provides a toolset to not only efficiently design copper bars, but also enables simulating their integration in the switchboard and producing all the necessary data for manufacturing.

More detail about the Copper Module

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Applitech is a System Integrator located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The company designs and manufactures control and power panels up to 6,300 A. All these panels are customized for each client. Applitech was using AutoCAD for the design of electrical schematics, but they realized this package could not meet all their expectations in terms of electrical design and automation. SEE Electrical Advanced from IGE+XAO was chosen because of its competitive price and high level of functionality. Wiring diagrams are designed with SEE Electrical and panels layouts with SEE Electrical 3D Panel+. Once the panel layout is finalized, manufacturing data are sent automatically to the drilling machine that will actually drill and then mill the mounting plate based on this data. Applitech also uses the additional “copper” module for SEE Electrical 3D Panel+. Copper design is made with this module and here also generation of manufacturing information (drawings, bending angles, punch holes…) is automatically sent to the copper and bending machines for immediate manufacturing without error. Applitech enjoys SEE Electrical ease of use. In addition, powerful functionality enables the company to design electrical projects quickly (in particular “copy” function) and to manage manufacturing machines automatically. At the electrical schematics design stage, the component database is very flexible and users can create their own part numbers if needed.

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