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Customer testimonial - Chemdoc Water Technologies

With SEE Electrical Expert, Chemdoc Water Technologies accelerates its contribution to ever cleaner water! Local authorities and industrial companies have many things in common. One of them is water − a precious resource, gathering increasing attention with good reason. To allow its use and reuse, water must be imperatively filtered, purified and demineralized. This is […]

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Visit us on the first Digital Hannover Fair

We are waiting for you ! Do not miss our live streaming « Digitize the design and manufacturing of your electrical panels with IGE+XAO » on Tuesday, April 13th at 10.30am *code : tn6HaAfter registration, you will receive a personalized ticket by e-mail for access to the digital event.The eTicket is a full-event ticket.

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Free Webinar "More accuracy for your electrical projects with SEE Electrical" - Tuesday, March 9th - 10:00 am (London)*

*11 am Paris Discover SEE Electrical – The intuitive and ergonomic CAD software that can meet all of your requirements for electrical schematic and panel design, whilst saving you time and money ! With SEE Electrical : Automated schematic design Error reduction thanks to design tasks automation Time saving and productivity Real-time data consistency verification […]

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Free Webinar "Design and manufacture your electrical cabinets with SEE Electrical 3D Panel+" - Wednesday, April 29th - 10 am (UTC+1)*

*UK Local Time Register for the “Design and manufacture your electrical cabinets in 3D” webinar and find out how SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ can help you optimize your design and manufacturing process and generate significant gains. With SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ simplify the installation and manufacturing of your cabinets : Harness the power of 3D […]

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IGE+XAO maintains business continuity at all levels

In the current situation, IGE+XAO’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities we serve, including our customers, partners and prospects. IGE+XAO maintains business continuity at all levels. Teleworking has been enabled, and IGE+XAO teams are able to perform their tasks from home. Digital and email questions are encouraged. […]

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