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How do I hide wire labels?

I have too many wire labels on the page, every wire section has a label, how do I hide some of them?


Version : V5 - V8R1
Module : Settings
OS : Windows 8
Topics : wire label hide

In the basic version you are restricted to using Potential numbering which defaults to assigning labels to each section of wire.
To hide wire labels select one or many sections of wire (wires not the text) and display the 'Properties' panel where the 'Segment Attributes > Show wire number' setting can be changed from 'On' to 'Off'. This will hide just the selected wire labels.

In the standard and advanced version of See Electrical its possible to change the wire label method to use 'Signal types for wires' and the 'minimum distance' for a wire to recieve a potential label can be set. If this value is large, perhaps 100, then if no wire section is as long as this the label will be added to the single longest section on that page.

To avoid wires being numbered, multi-select them and set the Lockwire to ‘On’ before running wire numbering.