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Assigning an Equipment Code to an Inserted Symbol

 How to assign an Equipment Code to an Inserted Symbol ? (FAQ-11458)

When you have a symbol already inserted from the library, it does not possess an equipment code, you can later assign to it an equipment code, from the Equipment Database.


Version : All
Module : GENERAL
OS : Windows XP
Topics : Equipement Code Database

1/ Select the inserted symbol.

-  It is highlighted in red.

2/Right-click the selected symbol.

-  A pop-up menu appears.

-  Click the change pop-up command.

The Equipment Database window is displayed.

It offers you a list of the available devices from the group of the selected symbol.

3/In the Equipments area, select the desired piece of equipment, and then click OK.

After you assign an equipment code to the symbol, the properties fixed by the manufacturer are automatically entered in its Properties window without the possibility to be modified.