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How to enable auto-backups ?

Whilst working I'd like to be able to backup any page changes in case I want to return to earlier
versions, is this possible?


Version : V5 - V8R1
Module : Settings
OS : Windows 8
Topics : backup auto page

After starting See Electrical (without a project open) use the 'File > System Settings' command and make sure the 'Automatic Backup of Pages' check box is ticked in the top-left of the 'General' tab.
The time interval is adjustable down to every 5 minutes.
Up to 3 backups of each page are stored in the 'C:Program Files (x86)IGE+XAOSEE Electrical {Ver}Temp' folder which can be restored simply by right-clicking over a page in the Circuit Diagrams IEC section and selecting 'Load Backup..