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How to upgrade major versions ?

I want to upgrade from V7R1 to V7R2, how should I do this?


SEE Electrical
Version : V5 - V8R1
Module : Upgrading
OS : Windows 8
Topics : upgrade migrate version

The safest method is to leave V7R1 installed, then install See Electrical V7R2 as normal (it will be installed into a different program folder) and ensure that it’s working first.
Once you know that its working correctly and the license details have been entered, copy the following folder content from V7R1 to V7R2: Project, Symbols, Templates.
In V7R2 when you start the software you should initially be asked if you want to upgrade the copied symbol and type databases (select Yes/OK) then you should see the old V7R1 ‘copied’ projects available when you select 'File > Open'. If something is not correct you still have the original projects, symbols and templates available to V7R1.

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