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Is there a quick way to change which wires show size and colour?

After turning on display of wire size and colour for the project I now have too much information displayed and want to turn off most of the size and colours except the ones that are different to the default. How can I quickly do that?


Version : V5 - V8R1
Module : Settings
OS : Windows 8
Topics : wire display properties

In the standard and advanced version use the 'Database > Editor, Wire' section to display all wires.
All wires can be selected here by clicking in the top-left cell so that changes can be made in the right-hand panel. Remove the wire-size and wire-colour values and click back on an individual row on the left to
update all values to remove the text. You can now assign the wire size and colour just to the labels
where the values are different from the default.
The main list can also be filtered to allow this to be run for groups of pages or function and locations
at a time.