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V8R2 SP10

Release notes

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Maximum number of opened views


In System Settings of SEE Electrical it is possible to define how many tabs can be opened before the latest one will be closed automatically. It is impossible now to enter value lower than 2 and greater than 100.

Position of connection texts for default cable


It is possible now to control the offset of connection points texts inserted while creating cable using Default button. In order to do so, it is required to change registry value DefaultCableOffset available in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CAE Development\SEE Electrical\Version V8R2\1000 (for Circuit Diagrams IEC) or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CAE Development\SEE Electrical\Version V8R2\1001 (for Circuit Diagrams IEEE) key. This value is being created and set to “0.25” by default on first use of Default button. Changing the offset doesn’t affect cables that are already created.

Bug fixed

  • Relation between main and auxiliary symbols (like between Coil and Contacts) is properly maintained now while copying pages using Copy/Paste functions as well as CopyP command.
  • Issue that caused some texts to disappear from generated PDF files was fixed.
  • Wires that use cross reference symbols to connect between different pages are updated properly now when their length is calculated using 3D Panel module.
  • Print View created in 3D Panel module is being updated properly now.
  • Fixed a problem where some dialogs were not displayed properly if DPI scaling was applied.
  • Crash when the user tried to import or export panel definition without defining configuration file name was eliminated.
  • Material Type attribute set to “Stainless Steel” it is properly recognized again while defining panel type in Cabinet Thermal Calculation module.
  • Opening more than 2 drawings caused crash if property Maximum opened document views available in System Settings was set to very high value