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A market with strong challenges

In 2020, renewables represented 38% of EU electricity generation. To reach EU 2030 targets, wind and solar capacity must grow by 162 and 253 GW, respectively. While most of this growth will come from greenfield projects, 65 GW of onshore wind turbines will reach endof-life by 2028 and will need repowering. PV plants are younger, but the rapid improvement in modules yield will accelerate repowering, currently estimated as 30 GW worldwide by
Shifting towards more renewable energy generation will require to face the intermittency of the production by integrating storage technologies on production sites. Battery storage solutions are more and more mature and worldwide battery storage in stationary applications is set to rise from 2 GW in 2017 to
175 GW in 2030.
Increased generation will reinforce the bottleneck in grid connection requests, which already take several months to be processed and network operators will have to strengthen their grid to handle the new decentralized production through automated hubs.
Electrical professionals must strengthen their production capabilities to match this unprecedented surge in demand from project developers while ensuring safety and optimized maintenance throughout the whole lifecycle of the project.

IGE+XAO solutions

IGE+XAO offers the most complete software suite for electrical engineering, schematics and manufacturing to help them achieve markets requirements in terms of design quality, reactivity, customization and scalability.
Our solutions are ideal for any type of project, from building-mounted PV installations to power stations with battery storage and our customers include wind turbine OEM, EPC, electrical contractors, panel builders and substation integrators, across all steps of a project.


SEE Electrical for electrical schematics management

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ for optimizing cabinet layout in 3D

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor for digitizing the shop floor

Manage electrical schematics

Thanks to our complete and intuitive electrical single and multi-line CAD-software SEE Electrical, our customers reach the next level of design and documentation for renewables projects of all size as well as for the manufacturing of its components by subcontractors.
Our solution offers up to 80%-time savings compared to general purpose CAD-software when it comes to re-tagging a copied circuit drawing, updating contact
and cross-reference across multiple drawings or generating 2D panel layout for substations from the schematic drawing.
Compliance with local and international standards and integrated error checking allow for faster grid connection demand processing while eliminating mistakes caused by repetitive manual tasks.
Our large database containing over 900,000 references allows our customers to work with all manufacturers.
SEE Electrical fits easily into any digital process thanks to its compatibility with network calculation tools such as Caneco BT and other general-purpose CAD software as AutoCAD.

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Digitize your shop floor

SEE Electrical 3D Shop Floor is our mounting and wiring assistant dedicated to shop floors. With our solution, turbine, panel and substation manufacturers
save more than 15% of wiring time while ensuring all steps of the process are completed.
The wiring operator receives clear indications on devices to be mounted and their position. Wire list provides visual information on involved devices and
route to take, which helps reducing errors.
Intuitive and user-friendly, our software features touch-screen compatibility and support barcode readers, which allows operators to select wires directly by
flashing codes engraved in them.
This interactive tool tailored to technicians compensates for the limited availability of qualified electricians by allowing to work without wiring diagram, especially in the fast-growing market of renewables.


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Bridge the gap towards manufacturing

Dedicated to any electrical 3D design, SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ enables to save 30% time versus entry-level electrical CAD and up to 50% versus mechanical CAD such as AutoCAD, especially for turbines, cabinets and substations.
With our 3D design and manufacturing solution, customers catch design and production problems before they occur on the production lines.
Advanced wire routing features and optimal wire length calculation enable costs savings and processing time reduction for electrical material.
Our solution allows you to export your design to CNC machines, ducts and rail cutting centers as well as labeling and wire processing machines.
The world of digital twin enables customers to follow the evolution of their products throughout their whole lifetime, which improves maintenance quality and facilitates the reuse of projects and their customization according to the specifications of the station they belong to.


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