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IGE+XAO provides a full range of software packages for electrical engineers:



 For each industry, the offer has been segmented in 6 domains:


♦ Electrical design / Electrical CAD (the core business of IGE+XAO and the software most used by electrical engineers! )

♦ System design

♦ Electrical manufacturing

♦ Data management

♦ Communication

♦ and Simultation

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System design


    • SEE System Design

Basic Engineering (System diagrams, P&ID,...) or Detail Engineering (Cabling diagrams, Wiring diagrams) to meet all electrical engineers requirements.
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Electrical design / Electrical CAD


    • SEE Electrical PLM

The complete engineering process.
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    • SEE Electrical Expert

Wiring diagrams connected to 3D and PLM.
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    • SEE Electrical

Intuitive and Versatile CAD software for all your electrical design needs.
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    • SEE Electrical Building+

A unique software program to design diagrams and automatically generate singleline schematics.
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    • SEE Cabling

Cabling definition between equipment and for electrical panels.



Electrical manufacturing



    • SEE Electrical Jigboard.

Harness drawing to scale for production preparation (formboard/jigboard).


    • SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing

Software suite for the calculation and manufacturing of electrical wire harnesses (available soon).



Data management


    • SEE Project Manager

Project management and versioning.
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    • SEE Electrical Equipment Definition

Equipment, between-equipment connections, wires and cables definition.
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    • SEE Compodata

Generation of online catalogues - Configuration of complex systems.




All these packages can be connected to Mechanical CAD (such as CATIA...), PDM, ERP and many other professional software packages so that electrical engineers can work fast and efficiently.



Any question, please feel free to contact us.





All these packages can be connected to Mechanical CAD (such as CATIA…), PDM, ERP and many other professional packages.

Any question, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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