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SEE Electrical: reduce your Engineering and Manufacturing time by up to 50% and increase your efficiency with IGE+XAO

With SEE Electrical you can create your wiring diagrams in a few clicks. The tool is very intuitive and in a few hours you are ready! Try it free for 30 days We currently propose a special offer: if you purchase SEE Electrical, we provide you with SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ at no cost Read […]

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Availability of 2020 half year financial report for IGE+XAO Group

Toulouse, 6 October 2020 In accordance with article 221-4 of AMF General Rules, IGE+XAO announces: IGE+XAO Group’s half year financial report regarding the accounts closed out at 30 June 2020 is made available on the website – Investors section – where it can be read or downloaded. It can also be requested directly to […]

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Statement regarding the total number of shares and voting rights composing the registered capital on 30 September 2020

In accordance with the article L.233-8 II of the French Commercial Code and with the article 223-16 of the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) General Rule. Toulouse, on 6 October 2020 Total number of shares composing the registered capital: 1,304,381 Total number of voting rights: Gross (1): 2,242,940 Net (2): 2,238,506 (1) In conformity with […]

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SEE Electrical V8R3

With every service pack of SEE Electrical we do our best to bring new and exciting features that customers can really benefit from. SEE Electrical V8R3 SP1 is no exception – it contains many improvements and features highly requested by our user community, so do not wait! Upgrade and see how much you can improve […]

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