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Customer Testimonial - Applitech

Here is the testimonial from Applitech, a panel builder based in the Netherlands, about their use of SEE Electrical and 3D Panel+.Applitech highlights the usefulness of SEE Electrical and 3D Panel+ and its benefits for the company.Thank you to them for their investment and the #testimonial they recorded.

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SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ - Availability of Prisma P & G Series

Who said Distribution Switchboard design was complicated? Optimising and validating your Distribution Switchboard design, when it’s Schneider Electric Prisma Based, is now a 5 minute job! Thanks to the collaboration between IGE+XAO and Schneider Electric teams more than 8200 Schneider Electric devices and 480 Schneider Electric Prisma P & G commercial references are now available […]

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SEE Electrical: reduce your Engineering and Manufacturing time by up to 50% and increase your efficiency with IGE+XAO

With SEE Electrical you can create your wiring diagrams in a few clicks. The tool is very intuitive and in a few hours you are ready! Try it free for 30 days We currently propose a special offer: if you purchase SEE Electrical, we provide you with SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ at no cost Read […]

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SEE Electrical V8R3

With every service pack of SEE Electrical we do our best to bring new and exciting features that customers can really benefit from. SEE Electrical V8R3 SP1 is no exception – it contains many improvements and features highly requested by our user community, so do not wait! Upgrade and see how much you can improve […]

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Replay - Webinar "More accuracy for your electrical projects with SEE Electrical"

Discover SEE Electrical – The intuitive and ergonomic CAD software that can meet all of your requirements for electrical schematic and panel design, whilst saving you time and money ! With SEE Electrical :   – Automated schematic design– Error reduction thanks to design tasks automation– Time saving and productivity– Real-time data consistency verification– 3 […]

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3D Panel+ Detailed Features

Benefit from complete toolset for optimal design Electrically enabled 3D Engine Intelligent snapping system for components and enclosuresWire, net, cable routing and optimal length management algorithmMechanical collision and Channel filling checkAccess over 25 000 3D enabled references60 seconds 3D symbol creation wizardSTEP import/export with mechanical CAD software Ready for manufacturing Mechanical processing data exportWire processing […]

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3D Panel+ Copper Module

Design and integrate Copper Busbars into your distribution switchboard’s Digital Twin SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ Copper Module provides a toolset to not only efficiently design copper bars, but also enables simulating their integration in the switchboard and producing all the necessary data for manufacturing. Combine this module with the 3D Panel+ standard features to validate […]

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3D Panel+ Standalone and Module version

Harness the power of the 3D Panel+ experience in any way you want IGE+XAO offers SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ in two formats: As a standalone fully autonomous software versionAs a module version embedded in the flagship schematic SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert softwares attached to the schematic software’s license Why use the Standalone Version? […]

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"Environment Manager" module

Companies using multiple licences of SEE Electrical have a challenge to keep all installations up to date, especially if users take their laptops on-site. The «Environment Manager» module allows the administrator to prepare updated files on the server. As soon as a user returns to the company, connects to the network and starts SEE Electrical, […]

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Intelligent Drawing Legacy Module

This module is a very useful tool for maintenance services as well as any department managing paper or DXF/DWG plans. The module offers three levels of functionalities: Basic : Processing of scanned data Multiple scanned pictures can be automatically loaded into different pages. When new symbols are placed in the drawing, existing symbols are automatically covered […]

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