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V4R3 news

SEE Electrical Expert : News V4R3 In this version, you will enjoy : The version V4R3 of SEE Electrical Expert opens up all-new possibilities for advanced electrical design-to-manufacture. New features let you get more done, faster than ever before !  Synchronizing mechatronics engineering processes and interdisciplinary communication : – PLM standardized integrations extended to Siemens Teamcenter […]

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Software Release Info SEE Electrical Expert V4R2

Informacja o aktualizacjach SEE Electrical Expert V4R2  (English files) SEE Electrical Expert V4R2 Service Pack 11 Download SEE Electrical Expert V4R2 Service Pack 9 Download SEE Electrical Expert V4R2 Service Pack 8 Download SEE Electrical Expert V4R2 Service Pack 7 Download 4.47 B Download 4.47 A Download 4.47 SEE Electrical Expert V4R2 Service Pack 6 Download […]

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Advantages of Electrical CAD

Advantages of Electrical CAD Historically, electrical schematics were drawn by hand. Electrical project design required a lot of time and lead to numerous design errors. In the 80’s electrical drawing software packages appeared. These packages allowed to “draw” electrical schematics with lines and symbols. Electrical projects became more professionnal and time savings were achieved (about […]

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Manufacturers' brands list

Discover our SEE Web Catalogue main brands   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other A Top AB Connector AFDI Answer Drives Ascorel ABB Agilent Technologies Anybus ASM ACBMV AIM Aoip ASO Safety Acoflam Air […]

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Update to Basic 25 from SEE Technical

SEE Technical is no longer available / sold We propose to update to SEE Electrical Basic 25. SEE Electrical Basic 25 offers additional features such as: • No need to print sheet by sheet: you can print several sheets at once • No unlocking code to request when you re install! • Possibility to move […]

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Home wiring diagram software - SEE Electrical - Building+ module

SEE Electrical –  Building+ Module The Building+  module is dedicated to the creation of electrical plans and associated documentation for building installations. Building+ – Basic Basic level is the ideal entry solution. Its numerous functions and really attractive price make it an easily accessible choice for individual electricians or construction companies involved in building electrics installations.  Building+ Standard A high […]

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COMPANY: TESTIMONIAL ARC A Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a company working in the field of Electrical design engineering (installation, programming, safety systems integration …) which operates in the UK and the rest of Europe. The company chose SEE Electrical for its ease of use, the wide range of functionalities offered and the ability to expand […]

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EDUCATION – STUDENTS Software knowledge and management has become essential today. Our Electrical CAD software range, designed for both educational and professional, brings to teachers as well as students solutions to help them understand the management of electrical design and the electrical sector jobs (designer, planner, contract manager, maintenance technician…). You may find below our […]

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How to intall and administrate correctly a Local Server License Setup local server : You have to prossess administrator right to setup the server. Copy the See Electrical Server Manager files into an appropriate folder. The files are located in …\Tools\Local License Server folder of See Electrical after the installation. The requisite files are the […]

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