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Electrical engineering drawing software

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Industry leader in electrical diagram software and CAD , IGE-XAO develops specific, advanced and high-performance products for the automation, equipment machinery and tranportation markets.

IGE-XAO works with shipbuilding, energy and specialised machine manufacturing industries providing electrical engineering diagram  to optimise productivity, reduces costs and production times. From SEE Electrical for basic planning, to SEE Electrical Expert for major production lines, there are various options.

IGE-XAO : electrical engineering drawing software solutions for the automation industry

IGE-XAO offers two complementary software packages for managing electrical projects in the automation industry: SEE Electrical for small to medium businesses and SEE Electrical Expert for larger companies.

IGE-XAO : electrical engineering drawing software versus electrical diagram software 

IGE-XAO main advantage is to provide solutions not only to draw electrical schematics but rather to design electrical installation. This means that the electrical schematics is « intelligent » and represented by various data that can be reuse to automate the design of the installation.

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