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Electrical schematics software – a vital aid to many industries

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IGE-XAO produces electrical schematics software to cater to the needs of construction and manufacturing right across the globe!

Electrical schematic softwareis a crucial element in many aspects of a range of industrial sectors. Specialized in the production of this kind of software, IGE-XAO is a well-established firm based in the southwest of France, within easy reach of one of the aerospace manufacturing capitals of Europe, Toulouse. This location is no accident, given that the company supplies electrical schematic software for use in the aviation industry. It has a wide range of solutions in this field including:

  • SEE Electrical PLM
  • SEE Electrical Expert
  • SEE System Design
  • SEE Project Manager
  • SEE Electrical Expert

The construction industry is another major user of electrical schematic software. Two different solutions are on offer. SEE Calculation and SEE Electrical Building+. Between them, these packages cover the design of your installations, technical calculations and the generation of single wire distribution plans (including distribution boxes).

Specific solutions for the aviation industry are to be found in the shape of CAD suites such as the SEE Electrical Expert package. This is a wiring harness design package which can generate wire cut lists and wiring/cabling diagrams.

The key advantages of electrical schematics software

The advantages to industry of electrical cad software are numerous. These solutions can be tailored to large or small projects and businesses alike and can reduce overheads, speed up processes and improve production quality. In addition to the sectors already mentioned, electrical schematic software has applications inpower generation,ship building, the car industry and rail transportation!

Demand for this technology is very much global in its scope, so it’s natural that IGE-XAO has created a number of sales offices and subsidiaries in nearly all of the world’s major marketplaces. Its impressive list of international references bears testament to the firm’s worldwide reach. In fact, it has branches in 20 countries and business partners spanning 31 nations, encompassing the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Western and Eastern Europe, India, China, Australia and many others.

IGE-XAO also provides many additional services to help clients get the most out of its products. If you’re interested in finding out more about its electrical schematic software  contact the company directly?

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