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Electrical cad software for 21st century industry’s needs


IGE-XAO make cad software for a wide range of clients and markets


IGE-XAO boasts no fewer than 30 years of experience in the electrical CAD field. This means that the company has witnessed most of the major developments in the electrical CAD software market, making it well-placed to meet a range of needs.


The firm’s markets include the manufacturing, wiring harness (for the aerospace and transportation fields), construction, industrial machine production, shipbuilding and rail transport, power generation/energy and automation sectors.


IGE-XAO’s core activity lies in the production of a wide range of high-performance, innovative electrical CAD software packages which can help boost productivity, quality and speed of production. As such, they’re vital allies in today’s immensely competitive business environment, where even a small edge over a competitor can make all the difference to a firm’s bottom line.


These packages take the form of dedicated electrical cad solutions tailored to different industry needs. As diverse as the industries they serve, these packages can cater to both simple and highly complex electrical installations. Solutions include SEE Electrical, SEE System Design, SEE Electrical Expert, SEE Calculation, SEE Electrical Building and SEE Electrical Expert - Harness package. There are specific packages designed for single wire distribution plans (with distribution boxes), the dimensioning of technical calculations and electrical cabling/wiring design management.



IGE-XAO supplies some of the best electrical cad software money can buy – no matter where your business is based!


Being amongst the best electrical cad software products in their field, it’s not surprising that IGE-XAO solutions are distributed widely. The firm’s products are available in:

  • Europe
  • North and South America
  • India
  • Australia
  • S.E Asia

The company has striven to combine this world-wide product coverage with world-class services for its global clientele. It offers a range of additional services, from integration and specific programming to expert support and consulting services.


These services are delivered by a dedicated team whose job it is to tailor software to create a perfect fit for the individual client’s needs.


If you’d like to find out more about the electrical cad software solutions made by IGE-XAO, nothing could be easier – just contact us directly. Each world region is represented by its own local contact. And if you’re interested in becoming a sales partner, there’s a specific section dedicated to you!


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