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Electrical design software – taking modern industry to new heights!


IGE-XAO has been refining the art of electrical design software for almost three decades now!


IGE-XAO is a long-established electrical design software firm based in the southwest of France near the aerospace hub of Toulouse. The firm boasts an impressive global reach, with distributors located right across the world, from Latin America to the USA, Europe to India and the Far East to Australasia.


Electrical design software is crucial to many manufacturers and the electric wiring harness and construction industries. This technology also has important applications in the shipbuilding, energy and specialist machinery manufacturing sectors. IGE-XAO has expanded to cater to all these sectors, as well as the automotive business, automation and plant and railways.


Electrical design software offers numerous advantages to modern business as it helps boost productivity and cuts production costs and lead times.


Over the years, IGE-XAO has developed a wide selection of packages which are tailored to different challenges and environments. These include solutions for basic planning needs in the shape of SEE Electrical, all the way to SEE Electrical Expert, which is suitable for large-scale production lines.


SEE Calculation and SEE Electrical building are cutting-edge solutions designed for the construction industry. Used together, they can design, dimension and create an installation plan that’s NF 15-100 compliant (a French standard governing low voltage electrical installations.)


Wiring schematics


Electrical design software for all your wiring harness requirements


Meanwhile, SEE Electrical Expert - Harness package is just one of three different electrical design software solutions that focusses on wiring harness needs. More specifically, IGE-XAO’s packages aim to cater to the fields of avionics and transportation. The SEE Electrical Expert - Harness package offers a harness and cable assembly design-focused solution with a number of roles:

  • Manage schematics
  • Generate cable/wiring lists
  • Generate material lists


Electrical design software suites are just one aspect of IGE-XAO’s commercial offering. They also have a comprehensive after sales service, as well as training courses, application customization and consulting services, along with a help desk. More information on these services is available from the ‘support’ section of the corporate website. If you’re looking for more general details about the company, you might like to look at the ‘company’ or ‘investors’ pages. Alternatively, you can contact the firm via email, telephone, fax or in writing.


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