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Customer success story - DICYP INGENIERÍA

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DICYP INGENIERÍA for the Hospital « Hospital del Salvador e Instituto Nacional de Geriatría » (Chile).

Discover how ALPI has participated in the design and operation of the electrical installations of the new Hospital del Salvador e Instituto Nacional de Geriatría in Chile with Caneco software.

In collaboration with Autodesk España, Asidek CT Solutions and our customer DiCYP Ingeniería, we have designed the electrical installations of the buildings of this new Hospital.

It was a real technological challenge, as in only 4 weeks, we managed to achieve the overall project: 170,000 sqm area, 16MW installed power, 9 substations, 500 electrical panels, more than 5,000 circuits.

The collaboration with all the teams involved in the project, and the gateways between Revit® and Caneco software, permitted to automatize and optimize the calculation and cable routing in a BIM digital model.

Through all of this, the project was achieved in record time!

“Our 35-year experience in electrical engineering as well as our capacity for continuous innovation have allowed us to support our customer DiCYP, to provide him with the best technical support, to collaborate with all the actors of the project and to successfully meet the challenges of the digital transformation of buildings.”
Jesús Suárez, Commercial Director at ALPI International Software España