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3D Panel+ Standalone and Module version

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Harness the power of the 3D Panel+ experience in any way you want

IGE+XAO offers SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ in two formats: As a standalone fully autonomous software version
As a module version embedded in the flagship schematic SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert softwares attached to the schematic software’s license

Why use the Standalone Version?

Open world project connection system (Eplan, Excel, SEE Electrical, SEE Electrical Expert)

A tool for the one way road to your panel or switchboard manufacturing: Import the schematic data, design your digital twin, route your wires and generate all the manufacturing outputs

A flexible road to your productivity gains by splitting up the tasks: Keep the schematic software free to design other projects and use the 3D Panel+ Standalone version to design and optimize the panel’s digital twin and create all the outputs for the switchboard manufacturing data.

Why use the Module Version?

Manage your schematic and 3D Panel design with a single software solution and store your project data from design to manufacturing in a single place

Conveniently navigate between schematic and 3D Panel+ to fine tune the design of your electrical project: A wire has the wrong part number, a components need a reference changed? No problem, use the dynamic exchange between the schematic and 3D Panel+ to seamlessly reflect changes from your schematic to your 3D cabinet module and vice versa.