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Electric control panel design and wiring

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For 35 years IGE XAO has been developing electrical panel design software. The Group provides high-performance and innovative electrical design products.

A complete offer for the design and manufacturing of electrical panels

IGE+XAO offers a complete offer starting with the design of electrical schematics with SEE Electrical.

Once electrical schematics have been made, electrical engineers will be able to design the panel with SEE Electrical 3D Panel+.

Hence the shop floor will be guided during the mounting and wiring with SEE Electrical 3D Shopfloor.

Design your electrical schematics in a few clicks

SEE Electrical is the Group software package covering all small and medium businesses requirements in electrical schematics and wiring diagrams. Available in three versions “Basic”, “Standard” and “Advanced”, SEE Electrical is the ideal tool which can evolve according to customers needs. The “Basic” level fits all industries and offers an interesting number of functionalities at a very attractive price. The “Standard” level includes, in addition to the “Basic”, numerous functions which allow to create and manage electrical schematics with maximum productivity. Hence, the “Advanced” level includes advanced functionalities (PLC input/output management, automatic plan generation…) which allow to manage complex projects.

Sold successfully for several years in a large number of countries; SEE Electrical has attracted numerous users thanks to its ease-of-use and intuitive functions

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The power of 3D for the design of electrical panels

With SEE Electrical 3D Panel+, IGE+XAO clients optimize the manufacturing of panels and cabinets at the design stage by anticipating manufacturing risks and overcosts with design digitization.

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ is perfect for panel builders and integrators. The solution connects to manufacturing machines allowing to pre-cut trunks, rails or also cables, and to automatically generate labels. With these 2 products, IGE+XAO strongly decrease assembly and cabling.

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The power of 3D for the wiring and mounting of electrical panels

SEE Electrical 3D Shopfloor targets panel assembly and manufacturing. It is a digital wiring assistant for preparing parts to be assembled and gives the cabling worker access to all data necessary to the manufacturing of the panel. It includes for instance a barcode system for identifying the location of each wire for making a perfect connection. Shopfloor dramatically reduces errors and time saving is over 15 %.

The package provides workers a clear view on devices which need to be mounted and on their position. It also offers possibilities to explore drawings with finger or mouse to have a clear view on the work to do. Wire-list provides clear information on involved devices and route to take. Selected devices are highlighted, and user can validate the mounting with a finger touch. User can also select wire in the list with mouse, finger or even by flashing barcodes engraved on wires.

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