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3D Panel+ Copper Module

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Design and integrate Copper Busbars into your distribution switchboard’s Digital Twin

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ Copper Module provides a toolset to not only efficiently design copper bars, but also enables simulating their integration in the switchboard and producing all the necessary data for manufacturing. Combine this module with the 3D Panel+ standard features to validate your distribution switchboard’s digital twin and optimize production time and costs.

Optimize your distribution switchboard design and manufacturing

Full distribution switchboard digital twin management
Optimization of the design process: Develop more innovative designs
Optimization of the production process: Catch problems sooner

What does the 3D Panel+ Copper module include?

Interactive bar creation, extending and bending
Assisted bar connection
Automatic and fully customizable drill hole and bolt creation
Collision detection
Automatic generation of manufacturing information (drawings, bending angles, punch holes, …)
Full integration with the 3D Panel+ workspace

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